Sufficient Groundwater in City Until Monsoon

According to officials of the Ground Water Department (GWD) of state government, there is enough quantity of groundwater. This water will last until the next monsoon.

The quantity of groundwater at a place is determined by checking the depth of water where it is found. The depth at which ground water was available was 7.27 metres in December, 2013. In January, 2014, the depth was 6.94 metres. This rise of water levels indicates improvement in quantity of groundwater.

The average rainfall in Hyderabad was 796mm in 2012, and 930mm in 2013 as it was raining until the month of October.

In areas where there are many industries and effluent discharging units, groundwater is not fit for human consumption.

GWD has asked industries to treat the waste before releasing into the environment. But the measures taken by the industries are not up to the mark.

Source – The Hans India