Vegetable Juice Decreases Health Risks in Diabetics

A recent study conducted by Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) – found that vegetables have an inhibitory effect on polyol pathway of glucose mechanism.

Polyol pathway increases the concentration of free radicals in the body and causes oxidative stress. Over a period of time this may damage to the retina, kidney and nerves.

In non-diabetic individuals, most of the glucose consumed is converted into energy and a very little amount of glucose enters into polyol pathway. Whereas in diabetic individuals, most of the glucose enters into polyol pathway rather than being converted into energy.

To reduce this complications in diabetic patients. Doctors advise to consume a cup of raw vegetable juice or steamed vegetables before breakfast and lunch. Different vegetables have different levels of inhibiting effects on the polyol pathway.

The study also shows that vegetables like ivy gourd, ridge gourd, bottle gourd, green amaranth, radish have antioxidant properties. Of them, ivy gourd and ridge gourd have better anti-oxidant properties to combat oxidative stress that caused by polyol pathway.

Source – Times of India