GHMC Launches ‘e-Town Planning’

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) launched e-Town Planning (e-TP) system to make it easy for builders, architects and others to apply. They can apply online now. For this, applicants need to visit GHMC’s website.

Under the new system, officials can do their work online and sign on the papers that they have checked. They are accountable for any discrepancies.

It is said e-TP is going to reduce the work of meeting officers at various stages and makes the process more transparent. It is likely to lead to better monitoring of things.

Procedure to apply

  • Citizens who need have to fill in all the required details on the GHMC website.
  • A unique number will be generated by the website. People need to take the print-out of their applications.
  • Then, the applicants have to submit hard copies of their building plan details at the nearest citizen service counter.
  • Along with the application, an initial amount of Rs 10,000 has to be paid.
  • An acknowledgment slip along with a file number will be issued.