LPG Consumers Complain of Money Not Being Credited to Bank Account

At first officials stated that, Aadhaar-linked domestic LPG consumers will get an advance in their bank account as soon as they book their subsidised cylinder. But, many consumers are complaining that leave about one subsidy, many have not yet received 3 to 4 subsidy’s.

Several consumers in the city, who have linked their Aadhaar card numbers with gas consumer numbers and bank accounts, have not received the subsidy, the money is not yet credited to the account.

LPG consumers are facing a lot of difficulties in getting the subsidised amount, they are forced to run after their bank and LPG agency to know the fate of their subsidy amount.

Consumers upfront have to shell out Rs 1024.50 for each cylinder, hoping that the subsidy would be credited to their bank account. But, in many cases they have not yet received.