Minimum Auto Fare Hiked

The Government has approved the proposed changes in auto fares. The minimum auto fare in the city has been increased to Rs. 20 from Rs. 16. For every subsequent kilometre, it has been increased to Rs. 11 from Rs. 9. Waiting charges have been increased by 50 paise per minute.

With the new fares, auto-rickshaws are to be equipped with properly set meters. The meter should show a fare of Rs. 20 as soon as it starts operating. It shows the increase in fare by Rs.1.10 for every 100 metres after a distance of 1.6 km is covered.

Regarding fare between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., no change has been made. Charging one-and-half times the normal fare during these hours is to continue.

Source – The Hindu