Consumers may Get Subsidized LPG in Ten Days

According to official sources, there is uncertainty on the price of domestic LPG cylinders, and these are expected to sell at Rs 1,327 for the following ten days or even longer.

Currently customers are being remitted Rs 844 into their bank accounts. Before price hike, the cost of a subsidized cylinder was Rs 412. With government removing subsidy of Rs 25 and imposing value added tax (VAT), the price increased to Rs 483 and may increase further to Rs 500 if the Centre’s share of subsidy decreases.

The delay in the process of delinking subsidy from Aadhar is because of technical issues and absence of clarity.

Oil companies are working on new software for Aadhaar based system. It will take 7 to 10 days to get back the old pattern.

Once the oil companies get the centre’s official communication, customers can get the subsidized refills even they booked some time ago. If the refills delivered before change came into effect, they have to pay the full price.

Source – Times of India