Motorists Imprisoned for Drinking Liquor and Driving

Of late, traffic police authorities have taken stringent measures to curb drunk driving in the city. Accordingly, two courts of law in the city gave judgment of imprisonment ranging from two to ten days to people found involved in driving in drunk condition.

According to official sources, there were in all 81 people awarded with imprisonment. Of these, 11 people were awarded imprisonment for two days, 36 were awarded imprisonment for three days, 31 were awarded imprisonment for five days, one was awarded for seven days, two people were ten days.

On 7 and 8 March this year, the authorities conducted a special drive against drunk driving that led 269 people booked for drunk driving, including 205 two-wheeler drivers, 60 four-wheelers drivers, three three-wheeler drivers and one heavy vehicle driver.

A fine of Rs. 2,600 was collected from each violator.

Source – The Hindu