Petroleum Dealers Resume Selling

The talks involving petroleum dealers, officials from legal metrology, civil supplies, district officials and representatives of oil companies led to calling of the strike by dealers and resuming business.

The dealers have submitted a written undertaking to the effect that they would return the unauthorized equipment to oil companies and will use approved ones.

According to the dealers, the oil companies are responsible to get approval for the oil dispensing equipment from Union (Central) government, and they (dealers) should not be accountable for it.

It is important to note that officials of legal metrology department raided the fuel filling stations across Hyderabad and charged 13 of them with fraudulent activities in selling fuel. They are said to be using remotely controlled price and using automation fuel dispensing units, which is illegal. By using them, they can remotely control the quantity and price of the fuel. These pumps are not approved by government.

Cases were booked under Section 22 of Legal Metrology Act, 2009 for using fuel dispensing units not approved by authorities. However, the fuel stations who paid Rs. 2 lakh were allowed to go.

Source – Times of India