Volvo Buses Unfit for Indian Roads

In recent days we are observing some horrible incidents with the Volvo buses. The Crime Investigation Department (CID) said that the Volvo buses are not suitable for the Indian road conditions. The battery in the Volvo Indian buses fitted below the driver seat and the main 300 litre diesel tank is located behind it.

When the bus hit a culvert, a rod pierced the fuel tank and it disturbed the bus floor made of wood. It effect to damage of bus body and sparks emitted from the battery. The sparks ignited fuel which is leaking from already damaged fuel tank. The bus also had two other auxiliary tanks 150 liters each. Battery is the first impacted part in all the incidents and it is near to the fuel tank, which is made of plastic.

The CID probe they found the driver negligence and the road’s faulty geometry, several problems in the Volvo bus design found to be responsible for the accident. The report is to be sent to the Union Government shortly.

Source – Times of India