How to Get Involved in Politics – Once You Decide to Vote in a Certain Way, Influence Others

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much – Helen Keller

Elections are around the corner, hope you have already decided the candidate you are planning to vote. Educating and influencing people around you on voting the right candidate is very important. Believe me, there are many people who don’t even know who is contesting from their constituency! The person sitting next to me is one of them!!

Influencing a small group of people around you to vote in a proper way may bring in the right candidate to power. You may say why I should bother about all this. You have to, as an educated, responsible, urban citizen, if you don’t do this, you should get ready to be ruled by an inferior person, elected by people who vote for liquor bottle and currency notes. You know what, that is the major chunk that does voting and decides our next political leader for five years. I know you are sensible, that is the reason you are reading this article.

A single vote may not, but a group of votes will make a difference
You may also say how a small group of people and their votes will make a difference? But yes, they really do. Just for an example, in 2009 elections, the winner from Nampally constituency won by mere 6,799 votes which is just 2.8% of total registered voters in that constituency and 6.13% of polled votes. If another 4.5% of 1,31,659 people (who didn’t vote) had voted, then the results would have been other way round. There are many such instances. That is how a small group of votes can determine the results. (No doubt the present Nampally MLA is good, we just took this to make you understand how even a small number of votes count)

Now, let’s see the ways to influence people around you to vote

Convey your ideas and educate as many people as possible
We come across many people in our regular life, like our own kids above 18 years (are you discussing about this at home with family at the dining table?), parents, maid, colleagues at office, neighbours, auto drivers, shop workers and the like. You can just start a conversation and know their opinion and influence them to vote. Don’t think it is difficult because 2 out of every 3 people will be talking about elections now and it is quite easy to be a part of it.

You can educate and influence them easily provided you are clear on whom you are planning to vote (read our article on how to assess a political candidate). It is easy to get into conversation with known people like friends, relatives and people at workplaces on the topic and make them aware of the importance of capable politicians for administrating and the benefits thus accruing from them. When they understand the importance of their vote, they may utilize it properly and elect a capable person as their leader.

Form a group – Take help of social media
Today, there are many easy and convenient options available for people to come together, form groups and share different things. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., mobile phone applications like Watsapp, Tango, Viber, etc., are just to name a few.

We share different things, opinions that are personal, funny and entertaining, then why can’t we spend few hours in five years to share some facts and influence friends to use their vote properly? Remember, it is worth pursuing as it determines the future of everyone for next five years. Also, it takes less effort on social media and mobile platforms to create a group, discuss and influence people to vote.

You can also discuss on the topic with your friends during your weekend parties or get-together parties or at your office lunch table or leisure time, where you can influence people who are reluctant to vote by educating them on the need of right leader and the importance of their vote.

Discuss with groups – Participate in constructive discussions/debates
Once groups are formed, allot a little time every day till elections are over – when most of the people in the group will be available and ready to participate. Have discussions and constructive debates. You can discuss with them the power of their vote and how to use it in the right way. Discuss with groups the expectations on different issues and their requirements/needs for electing a strategic politician for forming an effective government. When we can form groups, discuss and plan for our college functions and other personal events, why not for our future?

The date is fast approching and it is the time to kick start the things. As the saying goes, ‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is success’, educate and influence as many people as possible to make them cast their vote to an effective leader who is service-oriented.

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