Increased Water Levels in Twin Reservoirs might Lead to Better Water Supply to the City – HMWS&SB

Heavy showers last week not only brought relief from the summer heat, but also improved the water levels in the twin reservoirs of Osmansagar and Himayathsagar.

According to the officials of Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewage (HMWS&SB) board, the reservoirs received fresh inflows of water from the upstream areas and the level could remain the same for about a month. As per their records, the reservoirs supply 11.7% of the water to the city.

In Osmansagar, the recorded water level was 1773.85 feet (full tank level – 1,790 feet). This should be sufficient for the city for 226 days.

In Himayatsagar, the recorded water level was 1,747.95 feet (full tank level – 1763.50 feet). This should be sufficient for the city for 210 days.

According to the Water Board officials, while the assured quantity of water to the city and its peripheral areas is 340 MGD, it has been increased up to 10 MGD to the city since February this year, thanks to good water level at Akkampally barrage. This has led to more water supply to the city at 350 MGD.

Further, due to the rainfall last year, there was a significant increase in groundwater levels, due to which the city didn’t face any water shortage this summer.

Source – The HansIndia