An Experience of Full FIFA Match in Just 2 Minutes..!!!

Much awaited FIFA season is ON..!! Matches are becoming more exciting as the tournament is progressing and heading towards semi-finals and finals.

But, after working for 8 to 10 hours a day and commuting to reach home in typical Hyderabad peak traffic, it is becoming tiresome to stay awake and watch my favourite matches.

One match is at 1:30 AM when I will be sleeping and miss watching it. Other match at 9:30 PM coincides with the timing of daily soaps and serials where I need to fight with my wife and mom to get the remote and own the TV for one and half hour.

watching_football_on_tvLuckily, I found this page in official FIFA website. Thought this would be helpful for people like me looking for FIFA world cup match highlights. You can experience the thrill of whole match in just 2 minutes. This 2 minute video covers all the major moments of the match like goals, misses, saves, etc. No need to get a red eye or spend inordinate amount of time staring the TV and waiting for something to happen.

Now I do not need to stay awake till late night to watch full matches. This not only gave me a thrilling experience of watching the full match but also saved my time. A point to note – I no longer need to fight for the remote and listen to the cursing from my wife or mom for the whole one and half hour. 😛

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An Experience of Full FIFA Match in Just 2 Minutes..!!!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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2 Responses to “An Experience of Full FIFA Match in Just 2 Minutes..!!!”

  1. Abhi

    Thank you very much – watching these 2 min videos regularly

    @ Sally – I watch boxing, swimming, archery, badminton, weightlifting once in 4 years in Olympics. Soccer is no different. Who has time to follow every sport, every match – Enjoy the game, don’t grumble

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  2. Sally

    Thank You for the tip..
    But I wonder why people are really crazy to watch football only at the time of world cup.. no one even dares to watch it in the regular time… we have four years in the middle Lol

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