Samagra Kutumba (Household) Survey is Voluntary, Not Mandatory

The main purpose of the intensive household survey scheduled on 19th of August is to remove beneficiaries who are not entitled to various welfare schemes of the State. The survey is aimed to remove bogus ration cards, prevent misuse of taxes and government schemes, social security pensions, housing for poor, rural development schemes and others.

The survey is mostly for people from weaker sections of the society – people who depend on two rupee rice program and people who are entitled to subsidies on loans, DWCRA, housing schemes, etc. This may be very helpful for them.

When it comes to middle class people from Hyderabad, many are confused on the survey. They have many apprehensions and concerns. So, to help them with their doubts, we have answered some of the common questions that are in the air. These are the responses by Principal Secretary (Planning) B.P. Acharya. (Source: The Hindu)

Q. Do all the members of my family need stay at home for survey?
A. No. One member of the family can provide the necessary details of all the family members.

Q. I have a job should I be there at home?
A. Not necessary. You can go to office. Make sure that you give your details to one family member who is taking the survey.

Q. Is it mandatory to participate in the survey?
A. No (even the High court says that you can refuse the survey). The survey is voluntary, not compulsory. But it is better to co-operate with the government and make sure one member of your family is at home to take the survey.

Q. Do we need to provide all the details?
A. The Government would not force anyone to give all the details; provide whatever you can. Better be honest and provide as many details as you can.

Q. Do we need to submit proof for the information that we provide?
A. It is not a compulsion. The disclosure of information is only on voluntary basis.

Q. Do we need to sign on the form?
A. No. If you do not want to sign the form, you will not be forced.

Q. Do we need to submit photocopies of the documents?
A. The enumerators (the people who come to take your details) do not need photocopies of your documents.

Following are details and documents that you have to be ready with for the survey.
Details and documents to be kept ready for verification

  • List of documents that are needed (keep copies of documents handy) – Click here
  • Check slip to be ready for the survey – Click here

Other important information

  • For queries, contact GHMC 24X7 Call Centre (Ph.21111111)
  • In the GHMC areas, survey will start at 7 a.m. and continue until 7 p.m. or beyond
  • The mobile phone number of the enumerator will be written on the sticker which will be pasted on your door during the pre-visit on August 17 and 18
  • The enumerators do not need photocopies of documents

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