Restoration of Falaknuma Palace – Hyderabadies’ Commitment for Accomplishment

Falaknuma palaceWhat does it mean to be a Hyderabadi? Being a Hyderabadi does not mean a mere resident of Hyderabad. It’s beyond that! Typical Hyderabadies have certain distinctive qualities. ‘Commitment for accomplishment’ is one of the most important qualities of a typical Hyderabadi. Renovation of Falaknuma palace could be a better example to explain this fact. This palace was constructed in March 1884. It had served special guests of the Nizam; dignitaries; and eminent people including the King and Queen of England, King George V, Nicholas II, the last Russian Tsar, and the Governor-General of India. In the year 2000, Taj took this palace on lease and started renovating. Princess Esra, wife of Prince Mukkaram Jah, the grandson of the seventh Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan taken up the responsibility of its renovation. The renovation took complete 10 years’ time. Currently, it is a 5 Start hotel with suits ranging from Rs 1, 40000/- to Rs 1, 95000/-. Falaknuma palace is not a fancy construction in Hyderabad – rather a reflection of the commitment of Hyderabadies.

Falaknuma interiorRenovation of Palace
Renovating the Falaknuma palace using huge fixtures was not very easy. It looked-for extreme skills and proficiency in every area associated with the set-up of the palace. Highly skilled craftsmen worked for its renovation. In order to restore the original beauty of the palace, decorative inlaid furniture, crystal glass chandeliers, rich handcrafted tapestries and brocades, and carved balustrades, etc. were imported from various countries. Additionally, various kinds of wood, 10 types of leather and 32 varieties of Italian marble were procured from various states in India. The palace reflects the Nawab Vicar’s taste and makes the Falaknuma palace – a repository of everything he saw when he travelled. All those who were involved in renovating the palace have sensitively restored each and every part of the palace. The craftsmen put in all their efforts to restore the beauty of the palace, though it was painstaking work.

Falaknuma interiorMany meticulous activities like procuring items from various countries across the world was a part of restoring the palace with a great sensitivity. In order to give a cosmopolitan outlook to the palace, the renovators took a lot of pain to buy the materials and other items required for the renovation of the palace from various countries like France, Belgium, Italy, and Japan, etc. Also, many items were imported from other parts of India like Rajasthan and many other states. Of course, cosmopolitan outlook is naturally cultivated in Hyderabadies, and one can sense the same in restaurants of Hyderabad.

It took complete 10 years to renovate Falaknuma palace, involving very careful, enduring and thorough efforts. Renovating every minute part was not that easy – and it needed a lot of commitment. Despite the fact that the task involved more effort and time, the work was undertaken continuously till its completion. Without having a great commitment for accomplishment, renovation of the palace could not be possible.

staircaseMaintenance of Palace
Maintenance of the palace is another challenging task that demands a lot of diligence and time. Maintenance becomes essential, in order to make the palace long lasting without compromising on its beauty. Falaknuma palace was constructed with lots of valuable materials like wood, marble and leather, etc. All these materials need regular maintenance to safeguard the beauty of the palace. Of course, it is not just building and forgetting; rather, it is the maintenance that matters. Falaknuma palace has been taken a great care in each and every aspect to upkeep the palace.

Hyderabadies – Committed Innovators
The innovative approach of the palace made it a blend of various cultures, making it a master piece. Falaknuma palace is famous for its shape – designed in a Scorpion shape with two stings. Also, every beautiful place in Hyderabad reflects the creativity of the Hyderabadies. The people of Hyderabad are committed pioneers, for they follow the same approach even in the smallest things or innovations they do.

Also, Hyderabadies let their work for great for themselves. Even after doing many innovations, they are very humble and deliver the results without creating any hype. Many eminent people like Shantanu Narayen (the CEO of Adobe), Satya Nadella (the CEO of Microsoft), Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (Former President and a great scientist of India), VVS Laxman (a famous Indian cricket player), etc. have a strong relationship with Hyderabad. They are all very humble – won’t talk much – but show the results with their impact and innovations.

Awesome Impression of Falaknuma Palace
Most of the visitors appreciate the Falaknuma palace for its tremendous influence. Appreciation comes because of the efforts of maintaining the valuable palace carefully, and restoring it without causing any damage to its original beauty.

Falaknuma palace definitely spots every visitor to know that the people of Hyderabad have a commitment for accomplishment, and are good in everything they do!