Traffic in Hyderabad City Center

If we have a close look at the traffic situation in Hyderabad, during the business hours, the roads turn jam packed with vehicles. It takes more than 3 hours to travel from one corner of the city to the other corner. A thorough exploration of the situation reveals one of the main reasons for the heavy traffic problem in Hyderabad.

Hyd trafficIn Hyderabad, unlike all other cities in the world where people come from various parts and corners of the city to the center, people from all the parts of the city travel to one corner of the city i.e., Hi-TEC city situated in Madhapur – the hub of IT/ITES.

Hi-TEC city is located in the North-West corner of Hyderabad. Many IT/ITES companies are situated in this locality. More than half of the working class people from Hyderabad city have to reach Hi-TEC city from various parts and corners of the city.

If the companies or offices are situated in the center of the city, people from all the corners travel from their place to center and move back to their place avoiding traveling through the city center causing heavy traffic. If the offices are situated at one corner, then people have to pass through the center of the city to one particular corner of the city. Instead of being like spokes in wheel structure, it is like a diamond ring form where everyone has to travel to North-west corner through center of the city. This causes heavy flow of traffic through city center.

For whatever reason, people in power for their benefits, convenience and boosting prices and demand to their land bank have developed outskirts making people travel long distances and causing horrible traffic in the center of the city. This has ultimately worsen the traffic situation in Hyderabad.

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