Nath Peters Hygeian Ltd: Helping keep Hyderabad’s premises infection free

Most of the people might not have heard the name Nath Peters Hygeian Ltd, but they might have used one of their disinfectant & antiseptic products in their homes, offices, schools or hospitals. With more than 40 year experience in this business line, Nath Peters products are best known for their quality and economic value. They offer wide range of products with ISI certified mark and ensure right quality is maintained to meet the requirements of different places of use.

Even though the office of Nath Peters is located in Saidabad, Hyderabad, it has well established consumer market all over India and in few other countries as well. In order to maintain the consistency in their product quality, they test their raw materials and finished products of disinfectants and antiseptics. Their products find wide usage in various places like hospitals, public toilets, cinema halls, industries, offices, educational institutes etc.

Today, most of the disinfectant liquids are available in white color even in the concentrated form. But in old times we remember using brown color phenol that would react and turn into white when water is added. In fact, the brown germicide phenol liquid from Nath Peters was very famous among the other products, as it was more effective in keeping the surroundings clean and away from bacterial contamination. Other than disinfectant & antiseptic products, Nath peters has introduced water purification tablets for making water free from bacteria and germs, which are responsible for water borne diseases.

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