Rachakonda Fort – Telangana’s Historical Monument

Telangana state has many attractive destinations for tourists including forts, historical monuments and temples, which depicts the rich cultural heritage of this region. One of the archeological wonders that not many people are aware of is ‘Rachakonda Fort’ located near Choutuppal town in Nalgonda district of Telangana. It is a quite an interesting place to visit because the fort architecture reflects the medieval Hindu design and the structure is fabricated with irregular sized and indefinite shaped stones. The entire exterior construction including front gates are made of stones while the interiors are layered with mud instead of mortar. The two tier structure of the fort, built with huge blocks of stones suggests that it was developed as a defensive bastion during the pre-firearms era. Rachakonda fort has special historical significance as this is one of the prominent structures from 14th century that belonged to Padma Nayak Dynasty.

History of the place:
The history of the Rachakonda or Rajaconda dates back to 14th century, when the fort was constructed as a capital of Rachakonda region by Recherla Singama Nayak belonging to Padma Nayaka dynasty. These Velama kings were chieftains of Kakatiya rulers but declared themselves independent after the decline of Kakatiya dynasty in the beginning of the 14th Century A.D. It was said that the last king of Rachakonda from Recharla clan, Sarvajna Singha Bhoopala III was a highly accomplished scholar and learned person and had patronized famous Telugu poets like Bammera Pothana and Srinatha. Eventually Rachakonda region was captured by Bahamani rulers in 1433 AD and later it became a province of the rulers of Qutub Shahi dynasty and Nizams. Though now in ruined state, the fortress tells a lot about the medieval history of velama rulers and their interest in Hindu fort design and architecture.

Location of Rachakonda fort:
Rachakonda fort is surrounded by eye catching scenic beauty, with green forests, pools, water falls and ancient temples that were built in 14th century. Many tourists and researchers visit Rachakonda fort to understand the historical legacy of Telangana region. The place is ideal for trecking as it is located in a hilly terrain covered by natural vegetation, bordering Nalgonda and Ranga Reddy districts. From the center of Hyderabad city, the fort is 60 kms away and if you are traveling through Ibrahimpatnam it is 18 kms. Due to its proximity to Hyderabad, the fort has now become an excellent holiday spot for the local Hyderabad people. For tourists from Nalgonda district, the place is 16 kms from Choutuppal area, or 9 KM from Narayanapur, close to the Hyderabad – Vijayawada National highway. As the fort is located in isolated area, there is very less public transportation to this place.