Getting around the Hyderabad city – Tips for tourists

Author: BK Vijay

Hyderabad is a visitors paradise as it offers variety of tourist destinations that are mostly complimented for its rich heritage and exquisite architecture. This 400 year old city has great historical value and is cultural enriched with top attractions, drawing in thousands of tourists every year from all over the world. Hyderabad is mostly visited by people who come as professionals or tourists either on business, occupational activity or as travelers on a pleasure trip. When compared to other south Indian cities, people find Hyderabad as a very convenient location to reach other major Indian states and overseas destinations. Needless to say, Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana State, has turned out to be a transit hub for many national and international travelers. The specialty about the city is – not only it is well connected to the outside world, but also it has well regulated transport within the city that makes it even better in terms of infrastructure.

Convenience of local transport
Once you are in Hyderabad, you need not worry about reaching the sight seeing places on your own. You don’t need to be familiar with the city areas to roam around the tourist spots and enjoy their cultural beauty and abundance. Hyderabad has convenient local transport system which connects the entire city through local buses, trains and cabs at very reasonable prices. The bus and train service run by Telangana State transport system, connects various major points within the city limits and suburbs. Especially, there are special tour packages by tourism department at specified timings for travelers that can take them to the places like Charminar, Salar jung museum, Golkonda, Falaknuma Palace, Quli Qutub Shahi Tombs etc. People who don’t mind spending some extra bucks may hire rental cabs, where they can expect immediate comfort service at convenience. Good hotels may also have service providers endorsed by them.

Plan your city tour ahead
It is true that Hyderabad has flexible local conveyance for tourists and travelers but planning must be there to avoid delays in reaching the destinations. The number of buses and trains running between the places are plenty but one must know the timings to catch them at the right time at a specified location. More over, those who are planning city tour through local roads must also include the time delays due to traffic congestion at major junctions. Well, in case if you are hiring rental cabs, then you can ask the driver to take you through Outer Ring Road, highways or expressways so that you can at least save half an hour to one hour of your valuable travel time.

Precautions to follow
Weather will not be a problem for travelers as the city has fairly warm climate throughout the year except in winters, there will be one or two showers in the evenings. However, people traveling from abroad need to be extra cautious about food and water, especially those with sensitive health conditions. No body wants to ruin their trip by falling sick and getting themselves hospitalized on their vacation. Just by following these simple precautions they can make their Hyderabad trip pleasant and fun filled.

  • Street foods are very tempting around the city but always prefer something that is inside and hygienic. Also, be cautious about the salads as well as foods that are not boiled. Reduce or totally avoid salads and not boiled food. If possible try to have food at local restaurants because they serve food hot and fresh.

  • Also remember, it is easy to get contaminated and fall sick faster through water than food. So, drink only bottled water that is sealed and if necessary carry it where ever you go on the trip. Some reputed brands in bottled water – kinley from coca cola, Aquafina from Pepsi or local quality brands like Bisleri.
  • To avoid the dust and pollution, when traveling through the city center and in heavy traffic, close the car vehicle windows and put on A/C for ventilation, even if the weather is ambient.

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