Will Mist Fan Offer a Better Alternative to Air Coolers?

There are many ways available to cool down our surroundings and reduce the hot temperatures. A hot environment reduces the energy level of our body and disallow us to put complete focus in any work. We feel very inconvenient when temperatures are high because the release of sweat from our body will be more. So to bring down the temperatures of our surroundings some cooling device should be there. Mostly people prefer air conditioners or air coolers to make the temperature cool for their home or office.Power consumption in air coolers is less but it gets unhygienic in less time and requires cleaning and regular maintenance. In contrast, ACs require very less maintenance but consume more power when compared to air coolers. There is also another new alternative called mist fans that are available in the market but are not well known yet. Mist fans do not require regular maintenance like cleaning and have no issues with bad odors. All it needs is to fill in water daily which is only a fraction required for air coolers.

Let’s Understand How Mist Fans are Better Alternatives than Air Coolers

  • Of course the initial cost of the mist fans is more than air cooler but it consumes less water for misting and cooling down the heat than air coolers. Although air coolers are less expensive they consume more water to operate it continuously. Without having enough water in water tank of cooler it cannot make the environment cool. And usage of more water during water scarcity makes air coolers a poor choice.
  • Regular cleaning of mist fan is not needed to avoid the bad odors. Mist fans effectively stops unpleasant flies and insects and clears dust mites and smokes automatically. This makes it a good cooling option by protecting us from various health issues. Whereas water tank and water pads of air cooler need regular cleaning in order to avoid the bad odors. Flies and harmful insects can easily enter in air coolers and dust & smoke could not be stopped. This tends to create various health problems.
  • If the mist fans are placed outdoors like green house then it can benefit the plants by increasing the humidity level and also cool down the surrounded area. Warehouse also uses the mist fan to keep their food items fresh so that it can be more appealing to the users. But with air coolers maintaining the humidity of plants or keeping the eatable products fresh cannot be done effectively.
  • Mist fans can easily be placed anywhere, are easily movable and cover very less space. While blowing the air mist fan does not throw water drops and makes the surroundings wet. Whereas, most air cooler are big compared to mist fans and require more space than mist fan. They need effort to move to other places and require specific area allotted for them. It does throw the water drops which is quite annoying sometimes.
  • Therefore, to add humidity inside the home if ventilation is not available the mist fan stands as a better option. It evaporates the water, controls excess temperatures and provides better ambiance to the surroundings.