United States of Ameerpet

In an area called Ameerpet that was where the IT revolution started. The building was Maitrivanam building of the municipal corporation that had theusa_of_ameerpet STPI office. On top was the satellite link to transfer the code to the international clients. This multi-storey building had then had many top name IT companies.

Around this area a quiet revolution started in the early 1990’s. This was when IT revolution started gaining ground and there were not many who were well versed in the languages of programming. The revolution was the start of institutes that taught programming courses suitable for the industry to anyone who was interested.

Irrespective of the background this job oriented courses gave knowledge of the skills needed to get an IT job. This provided an opportunity to get a decent job in comfortable office environment with a possible chance of going abroad. Irrespective of their educational background- commerce, liberal arts, science or non-computer science engineering, eager youngsters mastered their skills here and got their breaks to go abroad to United States of America. So here is how the Ameerpet became United States of Ameerpet. for the millions of people who have done some courses here during their to the computer professional career.

In a B.Tech course, programming language C is common for all the branches. It is taught for one whole semester. But still thousands of students land up at Ameerpet in Hyderabad for a month long course in C. The trainers are driven by the need to offer training that gives job-oriented skills unlike in a University. It is very easy to enroll for any course at Ameerpet. Let it be Java, .Net, SAP, or CRM. There are no entry barriers except the fact that you will have to pay the fees, which is again quite cheap. So anyone can take admission unlike in University.

Job Oriented Courses

Students who didn’t get placements after completing their degree course can opt for an IT training course here at Ameerpet. Courses offered here are industry oriented and are job oriented. Coaching institutes promise placement assistance. Coaching institutes are flexible with fees as you can deposit fees in multiple installments. The success of an institute depends on its ability to deliver placements to the students. The trainers need to design and do teaching that gets jobs.

The scene at Ameerpet

Ameerpet houses more than 500 odd training institutes which serve more than 100,000 students looking to boost their career by acquiring IT skills. ameerpet_coaching_instituteHere, you will find thousands of billboards, promising skills in Java Advance to Cloud computing. Many courses offered at Ameerpet have high demand from across the country. The courses are taught in small classrooms equipped with bare essentials. These institutes keep their costs low and thus are able to offer trainings at reasonable rates. Many institutes have good projectors and maintain a lab for the students to do the actual programming in that computing environment.

Need for Such a Coaching Hub

IT industry keeps on evolving. With innovations, comes the destructive construction. Hence skills of the employees become obsolete. IT giants like Infosys and Wipro spend lot of money to upgrade their employee’s skills. But what about those who want to change their career paths or those who could never join any good software firm. The solution for such candidate is at Ameerpet where they can upgrade their skills at nominal price. Software providers authorise training programmes which costs too high and is out of budget for most people. This cost of training is huge compared to fees charged by informal institutes at Ameerpet. These informal institutes at Ameerpet charge a fee below 25,000 rupees for classes of three to six month’s duration.

Who are the Teachers?

Institutes here focus on teaching courses which acts as salary multiplier. Many teachers here are experienced IT professionals. Curriculum is constantly upgraded by these experienced IT professionals to reflect current job descriptions at various software companies. Projects here are well crafted and give students an experience of real world. Teachers also provide updated study material to the students. Since these programs are designed by real life programmers and not University professors they are industry oriented.

Why does Ameerpet Succeed?

The main reason for the success of Ameerpet model is the poor standard of University education provided at colleges. According to a Nasscom study only 30% of faculty members are qualified. There is a gap between Indian IT’s global reach and poor education at colleges. Ameerpet is able to fill this gap.
Some institutes at Ameerpet has started online lectures to attract foreign students, who can pay far more than domestic students. They are training students abroad with online training programme. NRI’s take coaching during their vacation to upgrade skills. Also, fresh graduates from smaller towns come to Hyderabad to do the courses offered at Ameerpet. They train the student for about six months and the student becomes ready for the job.

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