Ujala Scheme (Distribution of LED bulbs by Government of India)

India is power surplus country, but problem of power outages we face is only because of improper power distribution and consumption. To overcome these power problems Government of India launched a program called DELP (Domestic Efficient Lighting Program) on 5 January 2015 under which LED bulbs were supplied to the public at low cost. This program was later announced as Ujala Scheme (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All) on 1st May 2015 powered by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL). Within 1 year of the program launch, Government of India was able to distribute more than 9 crore bulbs to the public, thereby reducing more than Rs 5000 crores in electricity bills.

The main objective of this scheme is to prevent the energy losses due to usage of high watt bulbs (incandescent) and tube lights. The scheme is launched to create awareness and encourage saving electricity by replacing ordinary bulb with LED. LED bulbs will be distributed to the public in State Electricity Boards, price ranging between Rs 65 to Rs 95.

Benefits of The Scheme

  • The scheme encourages the use of energy-efficient bulbs that consume less electricity and helps in reducing electricity bill.
  • According to official website of Ujala, report says that it will reduce the electricity by Rs 11,114 crore in a single year.
  • Apart from low power consumption it also helps in reducing CO2 (Carbon dioxide) emissions by 2,25,04,878 tons in a year.
  • Annual power consumption of fluorescent tube of 34 watt (operation watt changes to 43watts) consume 376.68 kwh, whereas 16 watts led (no change in operation watt) consume only 140.16 kwh 25% – 80% less energy than fluorescent .

Impact on Citizens

As India mostly depends on thermal power for electricity generation and reduce in electricity demand will reduce the carbon emissions in atmosphere. At the same time replacing incandescent with LED bulbs will consume less power.

How to Get LED bulbs (UJALA Scheme)

To avail the benefits you can approach any nearest electricity board, DISCOM office or Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) kiosk (special counter) along with ID proof and light bill.

Eligibility Criteria

Every Indian citizen is eligible to avail this benefit provided if they have valid ID proof.

Price of LED Bulb

Price of LED bulb under this Ujala scheme may vary from state to state; User can purchase it between 65 to 95 Rs.

Whom to Complain

Customers can register complaint on Ujala official website, call on customer number, complain by twitter through @EESL_India or simply mail on mailto:info@eesl.co.in.