It’s Important for Youngsters to Review Their Thinking Assumptions and Biases to Succeed in Life

Knowingly or unknowingly our approach to our life is based on our experience and the thinking we believe is correct. The belief system that is chosen by the individual is one of the many options. There is nationalist belief system, left liberal belief system, non-aligned belief system, pro-business belief system, allopathy is better belief system, to name a few.

A person’s receptivity to an idea or approach is determined by their previous experience and belief system. Having wrong assumptions make it difficult to learn new good approaches and concepts. In this article a few such wrong approaches are explored.

Anti-business and anti-corporate thinking is one major flaw with many young people

While any specific issue with corporates and business should be corrected and an action is taken, there cannot be a stereotyped broad negativity against corporate or business. That is a type of racism, oppression and rigid thinking.

There are some who are advocating a freelance world. The world of freelancers is unviable. Imagine sending your child to a school with only freelancers in all roles in the school. There is no school name too, since there is no one to take rent out for the entire building or take responsibility. Since everyone is a freelancer, the situation is always in flux. On one side it looks very creative and lots of freedom. But for parents who care for the future of their kid, this idea is very troubling. Who to keep accountable if anything goes wrong? Who to approach for correcting and disciplining about anything going wrong? In a freelance world, there is no one and hence it breaks down for that reason.

Anti-business ideas and anti-social thoughts slowly corrode and rust the economy and damage it deeply and destroy it. Even if the issue is resolved later, the newer citizens may be OK, but entire previous generation may get into trouble like rusted iron. Rusted iron can never totally be cleaned without vigorous and painful efforts. Despite all that efforts, it is best to use new iron that was never rusted. So the impact of these anti-business ideas and anti-social thoughts has negative impact for more than a generation. Hence, should be careful about such thinking.

Self-sufficient vs independent mindset

Independent mindset encourages an ego and a disconnection with wider society whereas a self-sufficient mindset is socially responsible. Self-sufficiency accommodates mistakes of others as an acknowledgement of the growing up process that a person has to go through before gaining maturity or wisdom. It is understood that this is the only way realization will happen.

Neither finance nor presence of power helps in achieving success

Many social movements focus on financial needs and the need for power to reshape their position. However, money and position give an inadequate view of what needs to success. If money and position alone were important every established politician or party would have won the next election. Similarly, an established firm would have succeeded.

What is needed is an innovative way of serving people that is sustainable and gives concrete benefits in a rewarding manner in a new and different manner. This needs innovative thinking, service attitude and

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