What Jobseekers Should Know About Hyderabad City

Following the footsteps of the IT industry, non-IT sector has also grown rapidly in Hyderabad. It is a good choice to move for if you are looking to grow in your career. However, moving to a completely new city can be difficult. It is important to know the city before you relocate. Here is some important information about Hyderabad that can help.

Cosmopolitan and Welcoming Culture
You will find both the modern and traditional ways of living in Hyderabad. The western part of Hyderabad city is where the outsourcing firms and corporates are mostly located. Earlier, this city was ruled by Muslim rulers before Indian independence and the official language was Urdu. The Nizam’s kingdom was called Hyderabad too and covered regions from three current linguistic states – Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana. Further, the British had a big presence in Hyderabad before Independence with vast residential areas. The British encouraged a lot of Tamilians to settle down in Secunderabad area to support their administration. In this Hyderabad Kingdom 5 languages were spoken i.e. Urdu, Marathi, Kannada, English and Telugu were spoken. People from different languages where administered from the same Hyderabad city. As the various officials and people visited the capital city it created a cosmopolitan culture. As different kinds of people reside in the city you will see an amalgamation of different cultures. In general, Hyderabadi people are friendly and hospitable. Therefore, an outside will typically not have difficulty to live in Hyderabad city.

Wide Variety of Cuisine is Available
Hyderabad has wide variety of food to choose from. While Hyderabad is famous for Mughlai food, different parts of the cities have different varieties of food. When Hyderabad was made capital of Andhra and Telangana States, lot of migrants came from Coastal Andhra and many Andhra restaurants gained popularity. Many Rajasthani traders had settled down in the markets in old city and they encourage their own cuisine and restaurants. The North Indian people were encouraged to join Hyderabad administration and they introduced their cuisine to Hyderabad. You will also find other variations of food.

Public transport system is quite good and well developed in Hyderabad. Public buses are there and widely served by auto rickshaws. Metro rail is partially open and will soon extend connecting more parts of the city. There is also urban transport running on railways network called MMTS that is quite popular because of their low costs.

There is no shortage of entertainment in Hyderabad. Previous governments have built a lot of parks around the city. There are several lakes within the city. The city is also dotted with various architectural wonders. You can visit Golconda Fort, Charminar, Mecca Masjid, Birla Mandir, Ramoji Film City and several such historical places. Apart from that there are movie theatres, bowling alleys and amusement parks. There are several upmarket hotels, clubs and good bars. The latest trend has been opening of microbreweries.

Hyderabad is a cosmopolitan city. So, you can expect a mix of different types of people from around the world. You will get almost everything in Hyderabad. In addition, the weather is good with no excess humidity or heat. Only 2 months of summer test you a bit but otherwise the weather is great.