Incubator and Accelerator Offices

The incubators and accelerators are a couple of specialized types of co-working spaces that offer additional features and specializations.

Incubator offices
New companies generally rent space at incubator offices. Even entrepreneurs who are presently developing business concepts can use incubator spaces to get started. As compared to co-ops, they generally have a greater degree of selectiveness in membership. The target is to develop a community of entrepreneurs and businesses around specific regions of industries. Eventually, the business owners and entrepreneurs enjoy a greater exposure to investors, possible mentors and partners. These are targeted to the region or particular industry. Business houses willing to connect to similar ventures and grow their business should opt for incubator offices.

Accelerator offices
This type of co-working spaces helps companies launch new businesses. In terms of membership, they are very selective and the application process is extensive. For business development, they have got a set schedule and you can enjoy an extensive range of business support here. The accelerator programs also organize class series for the business firms operating in the space. The companies operating here can meet mentors and pitch investors at these events.

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