Terrace Gardening – 5 Best Practices

Are you looking to set up a garden in your terrace? Then you should definitely learn about the ways in which you can have a beautiful and nicely thriving garden that offer you best results.

Fairy garden plantsBy following these best practices listed here, you can definitely have the perfect garden that enhances the beauty of your terrace. You can also have easy access to homegrown veggies and fruits.

Getting the perfect space for your gardening efforts
One of the first things that you need to see is whether you have the right kind of terrace for cultivating a nice garden on top of it. This means that you must have adequate sunshine so that the plants can properly thrive. Well structured terraces can even withstand the weight of larger plants and small trees too. Whether you want to make small containers for your gardening purposes or use soil to cover the surface area of the terrace, you can have plenty of opportunities to create a nice garden there. Make sure that your terrace is leak proof so that water used for gardening does not seep into your main living environment.

Getting nutrient rich soil for your terrace garden
miniature gardenPicking out the proper nutrient rich soil is very important when you are looking to grow plants and veggies in your terrace garden. You need to properly combine soil with sand, compost coir peat and vermi-compost. Additionally, you need to make sure that the ratio for all of these components is just perfect. If there are heavy rains, it is necessary that you add the essential nutrients once again to the soil so that the plants grow properly. If you want to have sufficiently nutrient rich soil, a good way to do so would be to add compost once every week.

Start slow when you are a first time gardener
miniature gardensIf you are new into gardening, you can start small with only a single pot and/or a single vegetable instead of planting numerous veggies at the same time. For instance, you can start with chilies, tomatoes and basil leaves as they require little care. Gardening is a slow and steady activity which means that you must be patient. It will take you at least a few months to see the first results of your efforts.  It is important that you are patient through the process. At the same time, with gardening you see progress along the way. To show your garden to others may take a little time.

Plants that you can grow on your terrace garden
miniature plantsThe good thing is that literally any kind of plant can be grown on the terrace. This means that you can grow everything from French beans, eggplants, chilies, okra, tomatoes and lime. You may also grow potatoes, radishes, onions, groundnuts, carrots and other root vegetables, though they may need larger area. If properly planned fruit trees like bananas and guavas, coconuts and mangoes can also be grown but they may require a lot of additional effort.  There are many dwarf hybrid varieties that provide fruits even when they are small in size.

Watering the plants at regular intervals
It is important that you regularly water the plants. During the summer months, you should water the plants twice daily. For the winter months, you need to check the moisture content of the soil and decide on the watering frequency. Avoid watering the plants during the rainy season.