Hyderabad Metro – Perspective Of A Newbie To Hyderabad

When I came to Secunderabad junction for the first time, I was too afraid to take public transportation as I was not aware of the transportation system of the city. To make matters worse, my friend was late to pick me up.  My friend asked me to take the metro to save time, tired and in a new city – did not know what to expect. But was positively amazed by the Metro system

Coming to Hyderabad for the first time!!!  Don’t worry about transportation as this city has great public transport options.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Network works in one of the most efficient rail networks across the country. It is now rapidly expanding its reach and opening new stations and routes.  Making travel on the main routes easy, convenient and fast

Hyderabad Metro Rail Network connection to the HITEC city area was only recent. But the ridership has increased substantially after the service was started.  Now with better efficiency and better train frequency, it is the preferred mode of transport to HITEC city.

This transportation system is the best solution to all problems of women because it is a highly safe mode of transportation when it is compared to any other mode of transportation.

Hyderabad Metro Stations are spick and span all the time. Surveillance cameras are always rolling to catch any mischief in the premises which provide a great sense of security to all women from all areas in the city. What a girl can ask more than that to be safe and secure while traveling?

If you are a newbie who just came to this city then Hyderabad Metro Rail Network is for you to roam around the city and explore it as much as you can.

Let me give you a  sneak peek into this marvelous system of the city before you take a ride on the metro.

If you are at a metro station and there are so many people the understand it because commuters are enjoying and saving their precious time while using the Hyderabad metro. On a daily basis, over 4 lakhs of commuters are boarding the trains in various metro stations.

New in the city then you have to know about the timings of the metro. The timings of the trains are a big relief to all commuters as you can board the very first train at the wee hours i.e. 6.30 AM and the last train anyone can get at 11.30 PM. Mostly shift timing for the offices, colleges, and schools covered in between these hours.

Hyderabad Rail Network is quite extensive in covering a major part of the city and it is still spreading through new avenues. There are three corridors in the metro network which cover about 72 kilometers of distance. For the convenience of the passengers, the metro is divided into 3 different lines and colour names are given the blue line, red line and green line.

Interchangeability is also provided to switch in between the different lines at three metro stations i.e. Ameerpet Station, Parade Ground Station and MGBS Station.

Travelling is comfortable with air-conditioned cabins and it takes only 1 or 2 minutes for each station.  You may initially feel a little disappointed that the seats are few, but it is designed for high-speed transportation. So your destination comes quickly. Though special attention is given to differently-abled persons and women.

Money is the very first concern when moving out in a city. Don’t worry about your pocket as Hyderabad Metro covered it for you as it provides a comfy and safe ride for a reasonable fare. It’s neither expensive and nor is it too cheap that all kinds of people will use it and you will become uncomfortable.

Hyderabad metro provides various options to pay your fare. You can have a metro smart card which enables you to commute as much as you want without any problem of going ticket counter over and over again. You also get a 10% discount for using the metro smart card. You can get your card charged with a minimum amount of INR 50 to a maximum INR 3000.

Last but not least, Hyderabad Metro Network provides so many amenities to its passengers without any hassle and headache.

I hope you enjoy your journey in the Hyderabad Metro as much as I do!

Author: Kirti D