Reasons To Relocate To Hyderabad For Your Career Growth

Hyderabad offers many unique advantages that are difficult to match by other Indian cities. All round, it offers a complete solution to make both your work and personal life better. It does not matter whether you are fresher looking for a job or an experienced person making a mid-career move. For both situations, Hyderabad is a great alternative for career growth and work-life balance.

Hyderabad, where north meets south and modern meets traditional. Let us have a quick ride to each point you can be concerned about while moving to this great city.

Advantage of Cyberabad and HITEC city
Though known as the city of Pearls and associated with biryani.  You will not find any career opportunities or any great places to live around Charminar. Which represents the old city of Hyderabad.  This is a place to go once as a tourist and be done with. The Charminar area is also quite far from main job area and takes 1 hour in heavy traffic.

The advantage that Hyderabad offers is that it has created a new geographical zone called Cyberabad around the main HITEC city area. This falls on the southwestern part of the Hyderabad city.  Also, the airport is located closest to Cyberabad and people going to Hyderabad need to cross Cyberabad while traveling to and from Hyderabad city.

An area for IT outsourcing was first created in Madhapur.  This new infrastructure and planned development are called HITEC city.  Further, a new area for offshoring and MNC work area was created in called Gachibowli.  This is adjacent to HITEC city which is also called by its old name of Madhapur.  Both HITEC city and Gachibowli come under Cyberabad.

A lot of things have been streamlined in the Cyberabad area to make it attractive both with infrastructure and culturally to support a conducive environment for MNC companies and IT/ITES outsourcing work.  Most of the big corporates in Hyderabad have also moved out of the main Hyderabad city and relocated to Cyberabad.  So this entire area is full of corporates and startups.

Cyberabad is literally built from scratch with no interference from the past. Cyberabad is the biggest advantage of moving to Hyderabad. While still having all the advantages of Hyderabad city infrastructure.  The Metro rail system allows those in Cyberabad to comfortably move to and fro from Cyberabad to the main Hyderabad city.

There are many reasons to settle down in Hyderabad. But Cyberabad is the biggest advantage.

Good climate with not much pollution
The one thing which can not be taken granted while living anywhere in the world is the climate of that region. The climate in this tropical metro city is cleaner and more health-friendly when it is compared with other metro cities. Temperatures are not extreme in the Hyderabad which is in the range of 15 to 35 degrees except for two months of summer.

Affordable cost of living
The cost of living in Hyderabad is quite pocket-friendly with the best amenities across India. According to the Mercer study, Hyderabad is one of the best cities to live in. Housing is available at one of the most reasonable rates compared to any of the big cities in India. Not only that there are multiple choices for various budgets and needs – whether you are a couple looking for a small apartment for rent or a bachelor looking for a hostel or PG.  You can find something to match your tastes and needs at very reasonable prices.

Welcoming and warm culture
Hyderabad was the capital of a pre-independence kingdom that covered regions having 3 different languages and cultures.  It is historically a cosmopolitan city. People in the Hyderabad come from diversified groups of the country like from north, west, east and south.  Those who have settled here from other parts of the country have consistently praised the welcoming nature of the people of the city.

Good safety and security
Law and order situation in the city is well maintained and the police force is known for its efficiency and professionalism. There is a rule of law. Citizen friendly policing was recently introduced and was a big success with people. You will see visible policing with police patrol vehicles.

10 lakh CCTVs are being installed across Hyderabad as part of the safe city initiative. This project is towards the last phase,  thereby enabling a very good platform to prevent mischief and ensure good 24/7 security.  Hyderabad now became the second city in the country to have a dedicated disaster response force in place.

Hyderabad comes in second place in terms of safety measures when compared to various cities in India. A drastic change in crime rate gave a boost to the image of Hyderabad at the national level while other cities are being tainted with crimes against women. According to the National Crime  Records Bureau, the crime rate has been decreasing every year. No communal acts of violence have been recorded in the past decade.

Food lovers paradise and a wide variety of cuisine available
If you are a foodie then you are in for a treat after moving to Hyderabad.  You will find every known cuisine in the food paradise – Telugu, Udipi, Mughalai, Marathawada, Rajasthani, Chinese and what not.  You can have a great breakfast with dosas, idli and vadas at the widely available vegetarian restaurants.  The city is famous for tea as well as coffee. Whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, there are plenty of choices.

Quality Infrastructure
After moving to a city, every resident of the city is concerned about the commute between work and home.  Hyderabad is well placed on this front with multiple options to offer.

Hyderabad has an efficient bus transportation facility, as well as an MMTS train service.  The recently launched metro rail network is now very popular with 4 lakh people using the service daily. Metro rail offers a quick, reliable and comfortable commute to travel to various parts of the city.

Taxi aggregators like Uber and Ola have a large number of cars in service. In addition, there are two-wheeler taxi aggregators too!

Traffic jam is not such a problem in this city like Mumbai or Bangalore. Hyderabad has one of the best infrastructures among major cities. The city has grown on sides and has a good outer ring road project. With many road expansions to make roads wider and also the construction of new underpasses, bridges and flyer overs the traffic situation has been improved significantly.

In short, come to Hyderabad with good expectations and your expectations will be met.  It may not be exactly as you imagine after all Hyderabad is a unique experience. But it will be a good experience. For many who have come to Hyderabad recently, it has exceeded their expectations.