Comparison Between Air Coolers And Air Conditioners

For those who do not know what an air cooler is, air cooler and air conditioner (AC) might sound similar to each other. However, although both the appliances serve the same purpose, they are quite different in multiple ways, including their functionalism. Knowing the difference between the two would help you choose wisely while deciding which one to buy.

The overall process of functioning of an air cooler and an air conditioner is different from each other. While an air conditioner uses artificial refrigerant to cool the air, an air cooler uses water.

In an AC, the warm air is sucked inside and passed over coils full of chilled refrigerants. On the other hand, in case of a water cooler, the air is simply passed through an evaporative pad wet with water. As the air absorbs the moisture, it becomes cooler.  An AC includes much complex machinery as compared to an air cooler.

Price and maintenance
Air coolers are perfect for buyers with a low budget. The price of an air cooler is much lower than an AC, and it is more economical. Moreover, the power consumption of an air cooler is just about 20% of that of an AC. This would help you save a considerable amount of money on electricity bills.

As the machinery of an AC is complicated and includes many delicate parts, repairing charges and maintenance costs are quite high. However, air coolers do need a regular supply of water that needs to be refreshed quite often.

Climatic conditions
One drawback of the air coolers is that they can function properly only in dry climate. As they work by adding moisture to the air, the air needs to be dry enough to be able to absorb the water. An air conditioner, on the other hand would work in all weather conditions.

Air quality
The quality of air discharged from an air cooler is much better than that of an air conditioner. This is because an AC only keeps circulating the same air which is already in the room while an air cooler uses fresh air.

In case of an AC, every window and door need to be kept shut while an air cooler requires at least one outlet in the room. Air conditioners often dry the air too much, which may cause irritations and discomfort.

An air conditioner is usually fixed in a window or a wall and cannot be moved as it is too heavy. Moreover, a wall AC needs to stay fixed to its outdoor unit. An Air cooler is a much more compact, lighter and portable, often equipped with wheels. You can easily move around your air cooler from one room to another. As air conditioners come in sleek shapes, they don’t take up much space, either.

An air cooler is much eco-friendlier than an AC. Apart from low power consumption, it doesn’t emit any harmful gases, unlike ACs which give out CFCs and HCFCs. Carbon dioxide emission is also negligible. This is why those concerned about the environment tend to go for air coolers.

Both air coolers and ACs have their own advantages, disadvantages and uses. Depending on your requirements, you should decide the one you should go for.