Impact Of Corona On Hyderabad City In India

The Corona virus pandemic which started in Wuhan city and quickly spread to other parts of the world has not spared Hyderabad City in India.  Compared to other major cities in the world and in India, the impact of Corona pandemic has been thankfully less in Hyderabad City in India.

However, the Corona virus pandemic has made major changes in the way we live our lives as a society. All areas of our lives have been affected in major ways by this pandemic. While India was careful from the early stages to contain this virus and reduce its spreading as far as possible, it has changed the lives of people in all the states of the country.

Just like the rest of India, Hyderabad has also been deeply affected by the Corona virus pandemic. Major concerns regarding health and safety have overwhelmed the general population in Hyderabad.

Many traditional methods of medicine and living habits in India were evolved when anti-biotics were not invented.  Now with no cure for Corona virus, the importance of prevention and good habits has been realized by the vast majority of people. Ayurvedic method of medicine has fast gained ground especially its focus on developing immunity.

There has now been a massive surge in demand for groceries and things of daily need. The stores and supermarkets in different parts of Hyderabad are now having a difficult time adjusting to the massive demand for groceries and related food products. More people are now choosing to stock up or hoard items in their homes as a sort of precautionary action.

The government has ordered the shutting down of shopping malls, educational institutions, movie theaters and other public areas until the lockdown comes to a close. Employees who were needed to commute daily to their offices are now asked to work from their homes. This has provided them with a sense of mental peace that they have relative protection from getting infected by corona.

However, most of the people who never worked from home before are now finding it immensely difficult to adjust to their new way of life. Plenty of people working from home are feeling bored, lost and depressed with their way of life.

However, even amidst this situation of chaos, many men and women are finding new hobbies and activities that they can enjoy from their homes. Hence, the COVID19 has helped a lot of people to discover themselves and their daily schedules in a new way.

During the lockdown, many parts of Hyderabad were marked as red zones. The government has said that only the most essential shops are going to remain open in the Hyderabad red zones. The general public has to complete all of their shopping by 6 pm and then return home quickly. The state has imposed curfew in Hyderabad and all other areas of Telangana from 7 pm onwards. While there are going to be strict restrictions as to the number of shops that may remain open in the red zones, all the shops and stores in the orange and green are going to remain open.

Special screenings are being carried out in Hyderabad supermarkets before anyone is permitted entrance to them. Temperature checks are performed at the entry point so that no one having a fever or high body temperature is allowed inside. The people looking to enter the shops are also told to use hand sanitizers.

While items like oil, pulses, flour, rice and wheat are bought by a large number of people, there is a marked drop in demand for non-essential items. Special steps are being taken by the government and the police for educating people on the importance of washing hands with soap and water. Wearing masks in the public areas has been made mandatory.

Eating out at restaurants which was considered essential and a way to give break from cooking at home, is now considered dangerous.  In fact, it has now been realized that eating out is the cause of many minor health ailments.  To the extend possible eating outside should be restricted.

Many migrant labor have left to their home towns within the state and also to other states. In intercity public transport, a trend has been observed more people are leaving the city rather than coming into the city.