Public Transport Ban In Most Indian Cities Due To Corona

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our daily life and changed the way our world works. One of the aspects of our lives that have been changed by this major pandemic is how we travel to other parts of the country or the world. Public transport means such as trains, airplanes, buses, taxis, interstate buses, autos, metro railways, trams and app-based cabs are some of the ways in which people tend to commute from one part of the city to another. However, a complete ban on public transportation means that has been brought on by this pandemic has literally brought our lives at a standstill.

One of the main ways in which people have been affected by this temporary ban of public transport is that they now find it difficult to almost impossible to travel to some other part of the city when they are in desperate need to buy something. While essential commodities such as groceries are easier to come by, many people nowadays find it difficult to visit a doctor’s chamber or a lawyer’s office that is located at a considerable distance from their homes.

The banning of trains and airplanes have completely erased all possibility of long-distance travel within the country or internationally. This has made it difficult for people to travel for their business purposes. Many people need to travel multiple times within the same month for their professional reasons. However, all such things have now come to a halt.

Things have not been easy for people who needed to travel distances to seek medical help, although it was possible for them to call emergency helpline numbers and seek assistance. Even though most of the offices are now closed and people have been told to work from their homes, certain employees were required to visit their offices amidst lockdown in order to perform some crucial tasks that could be done only from the office.

For them, the public transport ban has been a thing of nightmare. In some localities, buses have been opened to carry people to their workplaces. However, such buses can only be availed for people who need to go to their workplaces as an emergency. The general population is not allowed to avail the buses. Showing identification cards and work permits have become mandatory for anyone looking to avail the buses.

During the peak of the Corona Virus pandemic, certain regulations have been brought into place that allows people to avail the public modes of transport albeit with some level of restrictions. For instance, the government is now looking to operate buses and trains to carry people from one part of the country to another so that stranded workers can return to their homes.

Some of the green zones and orange zones of the country now have the option of running buses and cabs so that people can commute as before. It is necessary to lift the ban on public transportation in a way that the people are benefitted from it while at the same time remain safe from the pandemic.