Why Bright Students Don’t Succeed In Industry In India?

Often students have this wrong perception of looking at corporate life and by comparing it with university or college life by assuming both are the same. In an organization, it requires problem-solving skills, confidence, and a lot of self-motivation nature to succeed. When it comes to some students, who are rank holders and always get higher percentages in exams, they think the way they are performing and achieving ranks in their exams, the same way they can do it easily in the outside real corporate world. Because, how well you do in university or exams doesn’t automatically translate into fitness to be good employee material.

In the corporate world with the lack of the right attitude, these students may not be able to do simple responsibilities in their job. Because universities don’t teach or train the students to be fit for the real world.  This article will examine one of the many dimensions of unemployability.  Unfortunately, this unemployable group is a subset of the bright students  who get very good marks in their exams.

Let’s have a look at some of the crucial points as to why bright students face difficulty in clearing interviews or succeeding on the first job:

  • Unwilling to take negative feedback and fixated / rigid mindset

There will be some students who are exceptionally good in their academics and examinations always get a very high score of percentage. They kind of have a very fixation mindset of how things should be done, they don’t accept the change and are very less dynamic. In the corporate world, they can’t take negative feedback on their work, they are very sensitive, they will emotionally crash because they aren’t used to it, it will hurt their ego. Such candidates may be scoring highest in the universities but in the corporate world with that mindset, they won’t be able to do a simple responsibility.

  • Lack of problem-solving skills

The university environment is very different from the real world, in colleges you pay them and they will clarify each doubt that you have. Or teachers give exact notes, that are memorized by the top students. Top students don’t focus on behaviour and attitude; they are always into bookish knowledge and lack real-world exposure. While it comes in the real-life corporate world, in so many cases, people need to solve the job-related problems on their own. Because it is the place where you commit mistakes and you learn from it and grow.

  • Unable to work in team/lack of team player skill

Some academically good students never have the mindset to work in a team, they will just get stuck with personal work and they just cannot coordinate and play in a team. For everything they want personal deep attention and follow-ups, have to explain every inch of details carefully, but that doesn’t work in the corporate world, they can’t spoon feed you every single detail. Employees have to use his/her mind and have to adapt quickly and have to try as best as he/she can do in the team. It doesn’t matter if the results are bad, or not accurate but the employee should put the effort, that’s how one can learn and contribute to the team to win.

  • Unable to work in an unstructured environment

Most of the rank holders top students will often get used to a very structured environment, they can’t accept the change and will have difficulty fitting into the organizational work environment and structure. Because, in an organization, the process for everything will be structured and carefully designed. But the outside world will be very unstructured and people come in all shapes and forms. In such cases candidates with a timid personality or unable to adapt nature will not be able to survive. They might be topper in their college, where everything is per-structured and defined, but the case will be completely different while it comes in the real world.

  • Resisting, Arguing & Rebelling instead of learning

Some students have a good academic talent and they easily cope with studies as the teacher has to give the lessons in a way the least bright student can understand.  This makes the college environment very comfortable.

However, work is a multi-skill area – this is about skill, attitude, and knowledge and not easy to cope with the situation for freshers. So, there are frequent non-conformances and a need for correction. So many mistakes and corrections are something that makes many bright students uncomfortable about work. They just cannot believe that a bright student like them is faced with so much mistake correction, it makes them uncomfortable and since this is their first time, they are facing this situation in life. They assume the opposite side may be wrong and start resisting, arguing, and rebelling.

These bright students also face the same situation in interviews, and they argue with potential employers. With such a rebellious attitude, they won’t get a suitable job as they don’t fare well in interviews. Also, many bright students unable to learn and grow in their corporate life end up having a mediocre career in industry.


Broadly all right behavior, learning attitude, and problem-solving skills will come under soft skills, because the hard skills, which helps to do good in universities and colleges doesn’t help to translate in getting a good job and succeeding in the industry.

Academically bright students with a lack of flexibility and with wrong imagination often fail in becoming good employee material in the industry or the real world.