Pharma Manufacturing In Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, started to develop as a hub for the pharmaceutical sector soon after IDPL (Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd) got established. That was in the year 1961. Sixteen years later, an industrial estate was set up at Jeedimetla consisting of units supporting IDPL.

Organizations such as Natco, Aurobindo Pharma and Suven Pharma started off as these small units and with the passage of time became big companies having global recognition.  Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd, Divis Laboratories Ltd, and Lonza India Pvt Ltd are few of the other leading pharmaceutical companies operating near Hyderabad.

When the total drugs manufactured in India are considered, the contribution of Telangana is about 35 percent. Hyderabad holds the leading position in India, as the producer of bulk drugs. Likewise, the city is positioned at number three, for formulations. The pharmaceutical industry of Hyderabad is different from that of many other states. The following are a few salient points:

  • industrial centrifugal fansThe operations in Hyderabad are focused not just on drug manufacturing, but also include education and research related to pharmaceuticals.
  • Several leading vaccine makers like Shantha Biotech, Biological E and Indian Immunologicals operate in Hyderabad, too.
  • The realm of the clinical trials is also witnessing a growth in the city, with the presence of companies such as Sipra and Quintiles.
  • There are more CMOs (contract manufacturing organizations) in Telangana when compared with other states.

The year 1990 saw the formation of four organizations in Hyderabad and which paved the way for the rapid growth of the pharma sector in the city. These are:

  •         Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
  •         National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
  •         National Institute of Nutrition
  •         The Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology

There are now places such as Nano Technology Park, Genome Valley and Fab City surrounding Hyderabad. Here, many leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are carrying out operations.

Hyderabad pharma sector – during COVID lockdown
SA FansOwing to the Covid-19 lockdown that began in the last week of March, the Telangana bulk drug manufacturers operated at just half their full capacity. Other than that, the pharma sector of the city faced several hardships, due to restrictions put in place. Restrictions on the free movement of transport vehicles of pharma companies created the logistical and operational problems. The industry was impeded in providing essential medicines, which are extremely crucial in light of the pandemic.

On account of the corona crisis, the pharma companies were compelled to run additional buses for the employees. Also, they had to include more shifts for employees to make sure that the norm of social distancing is adhered to. All that turned out to be burdensome on the companies’ costs.

A bright future
Notwithstanding the issues resulting from the lockdown, the future for the Telangana pharma industry is still bright.

  • The Pharma City is going to come up in the vicinity of Hyderabad. That will be a cluster of many renowned pharma companies having a worldwide presence.
  • There is no dearth for technically competent people in Telangana who can be employed in the various companies of the Pharma City.
  • Top-class infrastructure facilities are available for companies intending to commence operations in Hyderabad. Obviously, that greatly benefits the Telangana pharmaceutical industry, too.