Engineering Jobs And Electronics Manufacturing in Hyderabad – ECIL, BEL & Others

Electronics Corporation of India Ltd (ECIL) and Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) are the two leading PSU players of the Indian electronic end products and component manufacturing sector in Hyderabad, India.

ECIL- background
ECIL, based in Hyderabad, manufactures extensive varieties of electronic products and components. Semiconductors, capacitors, resistors, germanium power transistors, and thermoelectric cooling modules are few of the products manufactured by ECIL. The company, which came into existence in 1967, holds the distinction of manufacturing the initial online digital computer, almost five decades back.

  • ECIL has strategic alliances with several famous entities such as Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, and Defence Research and Development Organization.
  • ECIL has been the pioneer in the design and manufacture of numerous electronic products and that too without depending on any outside help.
  • The organization essayed a crucial role in providing top class training to several people, who now are recognized as experts in the realm of information technology and computers.  
  • ECIL has come out with several products addressing the requirements of the key sectors like civil aviation, defense, telecommunications, banking, and oil & gas.    

Background of BEL
The Bengaluru-based BEL, which was formed in 1954, is involved in the manufacture of 40 varieties of electronic equipment inclusive of transmitters and radars, transceivers, electron tubes, capacitors, and transistors. The organization is primarily owned by the central government of India, which holds about 65% of shares of BEL. BEL has a manufacturing unit in Hyderabad.

  • The products manufactured by BEL are wide-ranging. You have offerings that cost just about rupees hundred and there are also big systems priced at more than rupees one crore.
  • BEL has positively impacted the lives of the common people of India, by making products such as electronic voting machines and solar traffic signals.
  • The repertoire of the organization encompasses turnkey systems, as well.
  • The armed forces, All India Radio, Coast Guard, and Police are some of the customers of BEL.
  • The company has always attached a lot of significance to research & development. Nearly 10% of the total turnover is directed towards R & D.
  • Since recently, BEL has been in the process of entering into joint ventures with several leading organizations of the World, to expand its presence in diverse regions of the globe.    

Job opportunities for young graduates in electronics industry
There is no dearth of lucrative job opportunities for fresh engineering graduates, at both ECIL and also BEL. The following points throw more light on this important aspect:

  • A company engaged in the field of core electronics would be the preference for any fresh ECE graduate seeking their first job. In this context, these 2 companies are a good choice. 
  • As India focuses on indigenization of its defence equipment there will be many opportunities for graduates with the right engineering talent in electronics.
  • Global leaders like Qualcomm and INTEL also recruit ECE graduates. 
  • There are quite a few electronics companies in Hyderabad that seek engineers with ECE background. 
  • The young aspirants need to be serious about the industry needs and get themselves up to date with both knowledge related to real life work and also be deeply aware of how they need to do work in real life work. 
  • While project work is one opportunity, the engineering students cannot be book worms for 3 years and suddenly get super practical engineers. They need to think as engineers from day one of college and  tinker, design, build and bring to life some devices. That way their engineering talent will bloom rather than just memorizing for exams – such students will always struggle to get jobs.