Lessons That Big Indian Cities Have Learned From Coronavirus

Every adversity, however serious it is, always has a positive side to it. And, the situations arising from the Corona pandemic have been no exception to that. Notwithstanding the way Covid-19 gravely impacted the health of people and the economy, it has taught some important lessons to big Indian cities, as well.

    • Even the most affluent of the societies are seriously challenged, in the face of a major epidemic. In light of that, investments must be made in the realm of health infrastructure, too. It’s only upon realization of this objective that a city will be able to successfully combat a sudden health emergency.
    • The governments have become conscious of the point that partnership between private and public entities is the best way to improve health infrastructure.



    • During the period of lockdown, there has been a dramatic decline in pollution levels of all major cities. People have witnessed the positive outcomes of keeping the atmosphere free of pollution. The significance of initiating long-term anti-pollution measures has been understood by the governments.
    • Before the pandemic, the main focus of the cities’ zonal governments was on technology, creating clusters for big companies, etc. But now things have completely changed. Authorities have become aware as to how important it is to take care of the poverty-stricken people residing in urban zones. This is more so in terms of providing healthcare, food, and accommodation to them when hit by a pandemic of this magnitude.
    • Frequent visits to malls are treated as an inseparable part of urban culture, for many years. But due to the Corona circumstances, the urban folks have realized that these fancy-looking malls are not conducive to the health of people. Very few of these locations are particular about maintaining cleanliness. Smaller outlets/shopping complexes with a hygienic ambiance are what the shoppers now like to visit.
    • Similarly, air-conditioned buildings were treated to be very special, in the pre-COVID era. The scenario now is different. Several medical studies have proven, beyond doubt that the Coronavirus spreads more rapidly in enclosed, cool places. Thus, people are now taking steps to ensure that their homes/offices are with good ventilation and devoid of air-conditioners.



  • Almost every major urban zone of the country has innumerable food stalls and restaurants. There used to be no dearth of people eating at these food stalls. But that has now become almost a thing of the past. Finally, we have started to accept the fact that eating outside food can become the cause of several ailments before Coronavirus.
  • People have realized the value to consume wholesome foods that strengthen the immune system and not street, junk, and restaurant food. Food as medicine that keeps immunity levels high has become popular
  • Earlier, “work from home” was only an option that an employee utilized on and off. But presently, almost all the city-based companies have permitted their employees to work from the safety of home, regularly. No employer wants to risk the health of their staff.

It is expected that these changes will be long-term atleast for a large section of the population. The importance of prevention and keeping immunity levels high has never been understood better by the general public.