Getting Over Saree Phobia

Indians across the globe are recognized for their culture and more specifically the Sarees! Yes, such is the popularity of sarees that people across the globe have shown keen interest in the same. The ever-increasing number of exports is the testimony of its global fame. Sarees are an integral part of our culture and more so about our rich Indian traditions.

Wearing sarees creates a persona of gracefulness and dignity
The saree is widely recognized as the ultimate symbol of womanhood in India. The garment is artistically draped around the body of a woman and provides her with the mystique and allure that makes her look stunning.  The rich colors and flamboyant designs have mesmerized westerners especially when women in North America and Europe are on their way to visit temples.

Over the years, the saree has also influenced many creative minds to create excellent works of art. However, some women prefer to wear saree mainly during festive occasions, religious festivities, and weddings. A saree can be everyday wear. With different styles to drape a saree, modern women have a lot of choices to select from. We have seen our grandmothers and mothers beautifully adorn sarees throughout their lives. Well, they look stunning in their attire. Isn’t it? But, with the change in time, some women have developed certain phobias that they need to overcome.

Why young women develop unneeded saree phobias
First, let us try to understand the main phobias that a woman might have. Many women dislike wearing saree for a lot of reasons.  To make saree a more commonly worn garment, women should come up with ways in which they can avoid the inconveniences associated with wearing sarees. They should also practice wearing it more often so that they do not have any hassles wearing it. While it is true that the challenges of modern life make it difficult to wear the saree, the traditional garment of India can be worn more frequently with a little bit of practice.

Ways in which women can overcome saree phobia
Just brushing away the phobias as non-existent will not help with matters. They need to be faced and resolved.

Here are some ways in which a woman can overcome saree phobia

  • Every woman faces difficulties when they first start to wear sarees. Just like anything else, what is needed here is to get used to sarees so that the feeling of apprehension or being uncomfortable can be overcome. If you feel that you do not find saree comfortable or appealing, you should discuss things with your mother and other members in your family who have already mastered the art of wearing a saree perfectly. This can help you to develop the skills you need to wear a saree and then walk or move without any discomfort.
  • While it is true that certain parts of your body remain revealed when you wear a saree, you can drape the saree in such a way that this is not a problem for you. The saree offers enough flexibility to you in terms of how much part of your body you want to reveal or cover.
  • As you keep on wearing sarees on a more or less regular basis, you can find that it is fairly easy to move your body smoothly and walk briskly just as you can with any other kind of garment. You will get the hang of it as to the best ways to manage your saree as you try to walk or perform any other task.
  • There are many types of sarees that allow you to be flexible which means that you can be graceful while at the same time manage all the work that a woman is expected to do in modern times.
  • If you are worried that you do not have pockets to carry your mobile phone and other utilities, you can carry a handbag that can allow you to do the same. There are many stylishly designed handbags that you can opt for which can go well with your choice of saree.
  • Buying a saree does not have to be a costly affair. There are now many online stores that can provide you with high-quality sarees at the most cost-effective prices. No matter the type or style of saree you want, you can buy it from an online store.

This saree phobia is a learned behavior. Just like college boys refusing to shave and get ready for the work-life. Long after the boys leave college they still try to have a collegial attitude.  This is a group behavior and does not reflect maturity.  In a somewhat vaguely but similarly way, saree phobia is a  learned behavior from a group think in childhood. A sensible Indian woman at some time in life will shed it and grow over that meaningless learned behavior.