Petty Hyderabadi Billionaires – Lack Of Affordable Private Schools in Cyberabad

There are several Hyderabadi billionaires, few are 1st generation or many of those are fading 1st generation no longer in their youth. Rest of the billionaires are inheritors of their parents’ legacy. Whether they are 1st generation or second, what is similar to all these billionaires is their lack of social service. Their social service is a pygmy compared to the social service done by  billionaires of the countries in which they generate their wealth or from where they attract their investors.

One of the problems of current society has been lack of affordable private schools in Hyderabad. As the city grew in to the suburbs and jobs shifted to Cyberabad and traffic became unbearable. Private sector employees purchased homes near their offices in Cyberabad. However, a big problem in the Cyberabad area has become lack of affordable private schools. Urban India has long back given up on sending their kids to government schools, that has stopped 2 generations back.

While there are many established social and charitable institutions that have an excellent track record of running affordable schools in Hyderabad. In the past, service minded affluent members of society had donated  land and money for school building construction of these affordable private schools.  In Cyberabad areas, due to absence of service minded wealthy people,  they could not expand their presence into the Cyberabad area. As you may be aware, the biggest expense for a new private school is the land and building.   If this is in land and building is in place, the school can manage its expenses in a self-sufficient manner by charging a modest fees from students.  Service minded schools in Hyderabad city charge between 30,000 to 45,000 per year for their students.  Doing this they have developed some of the most influential and good citizens in society in various walks of life.

In the past, the government of the day – even the colonial British have given land grants to missionary organizations for their schools. The list of schools in Abids and Secunderabad area is due to support of the not so favorable colonial British government. However, the same support has been missing from successive governments of all political parties.

This is a developing article – we are researching the support of various billionaires and super affluent in Hyderabad in helping formation of affordable private schools in sub-urban areas of Hyderabad to break the private school syndicate grip on middle class parents.