Childrens’ Future Could Negatively Get Affected By Improper Schooling

Effective schooling is one of the cornerstones of growth of not just young people but also for the nation as a whole. The young minds of a country must have the proper education, to begin with, so that they can work on having better prospects at life and have a comfortable existence.

However, the educational system of India is currently facing several challenges that can affect the future of the country negatively if they are not rectified in time. Let’s have a closer look at some of these problems with the educational system and find out how they are affecting the country on multiple levels.

One of the basic challenges that the schooling system in India faces is the rising cost of good quality schooling that the students must have when they are looking to improve their prospects. Social aspirations have changed a lot and this has made it mandatory for people to have high-paying jobs. This has also made it necessary for people in India to get their children enrolled in schools that offer the best education.

However, there is a lot of debate as to what entails good education. Plenty of parents feel that a school that can encourage their children to have a better-paying career is good. While financial success is a part of a good career, the best quality of education is always the one that makes a child open-minded, receptive to knowledge and wisdom, and makes him or her independent thinker so that he or she can critically think instead of following the herd. However, there are currently many schools that do not encourage their children to develop independent thinking and would prefer them to silently follow the dominant practices of the status quo.

This eventually opens up to another problem of the educational system. A large part of the workforce in India is only meant to be just that, workforce. Since they are unable to add a distinct quality to their skills, they are often unable to bring something unique to the table. This in turn makes them lose their value in the job market. With the opening of the Indian economy to international influences, it is not only necessary for India to have a workforce that is English-literate but also have skills that improve their value in a so-called international employment market. While a lot of Indian men and women do have sufficient education, they still lack the edge they need to have while trying to make their presence felt in the job market. This means that they often do not get the high-paying jobs that they feel they should have as per their educational qualifications.

The advent of computing technology has completely changed the way Indians right now are communicating with one another and exchanging information. This has made it necessary for Indian schools to forego archaic ways of providing education and coming up with ways in which the academic needs of a modern generation can be fulfilled. The educational policies of the country should be transformed to deal with the challenges of the workplace and society on a mass level.