Good Schools Develop Good Values in Children

The right values must be imparted to children, during their formative years. It’s only then that the children can grow up into responsible human beings who think of the welfare of society and the country. 

In this context, along with parents; the role of a good school is significant. Children spend a substantial part of their waking hours in school. So, a school is a primary source from which a child learns as to what is right and what is wrong. It would now be worthwhile to highlight the salient points regarding how good schools develop good values in children. 

  • Good schools, through their pattern of teaching, make the kids develop respect for both the elders and peers. A child who gets educated in these schools has positive traits such as empathy and truthfulness. 
  • This is a pivotal facet. A child tends to view any of the senior students in the school as their role model. Once a child reaches higher classes after receiving apt, value-based education in their early years, they become correct role models for their juniors. This objective can be realized when a good school is selected for children. 
  • Nowadays, due to the hectic pace of modern life, parents are unable to devote sufficient time towards teaching about values to kids. Thus, choosing a good school is now much more necessary than ever before. These quality schools ensure that apart from academics; proper values get instilled in students, as well. 
  • A small child who reaches the age of getting enrolled in school possesses a lot of energy. It’s only when this energy gets properly channelized that the kids can become responsible adults adhering to moral values, in the future. And, this cannot be achieved when the child remains at home where their interactions are restricted only to the family. In this regard, joining the child in a reputed school is crucial.
  • A good school doesn’t confine itself just to studies; children are made to participate in several activities, too. Some of these activities are group prayers, sports, and assemblies. This makes sure that the kids have no problem learning about values. There is going to be an overall development of kids.
  • A school that sticks to high standards has students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Hence, the children get an opportunity to study alongside kids of different cultures. As a result, they develop a trait that is more required in contemporary times: a display of respect for the beliefs and opinions of all people. 
  • Schools of high quality always enable an amicable ambiance to encourage the students to honestly admit their flaws/mistakes. Accepting the wrongs is not viewed as something outrageous. This motivates the kids to strive in the direction of not repeating those mistakes. 
  • Unlike the educational institutions of the past, present-day schools allow the child to use their imagination for creative purposes. With this, the kid’s creativity gets enhanced in a big way. As they grow up, these individuals will utilize their creativity for the betterment of society. 

How the growth of the country will be in the future is directly dependent on the kind of education that is currently provided to children. We have to take care that the kids now receive value-centric education. Then, there is every reason to be optimistic about the future of our country and society.