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Comparison of Disk Brakes and Drum Brakes

Brake line repair kit

There is little hesitation in acknowledging that brakes are probably the most vital components of any automobile, more so from the perspective of safety. In this context, we have to understand that the brakes come in few varieties: hydraulic &…

Tips to Reduce Your Car Fixing Costs

Repairs of cars could turn out to be a major burden on the financial resources, unless and until the car owners plan things properly. But, there is no need for you to press the panic button! For, if you are…

Tips To Keep A Car In Good Condition

Having a car is a necessity these days. To have a car in good working condition is the pre-requisite to make your transportation system smooth as walking in the park. Almost every urban middle-class family is having a car to…

Reasons Behind The Growth Of Automatic Cars In Urban India

The Indian diaspora in western countries uses mostly automatic cars for the convenience and the stress-free driving that comes with operating the car. However, till recently very few of them used to buy an automatic car in India for their…

Upcoming car models in 2016


For India’s automobile industry, 2015 was a good year as it has seen an annual growth of 3.9% when compared to its previous year numbers. Approximately, 2 crore vehicles where sold last year including heavy vehicles, 2 wheelers and 3…

Renault KWID – One more Affordable Car for Indian Middle Class

Renault Cars

Renault KWID, a hatchback segment car of Renault, may give a tough competition to the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 and Hyundai EON (which fall in same category with similar price) in terms of performance and looks. KWID in Hyderabad has…

Most commonly replaced parts in a car


Parts are present in various systems like fuel delivery system, transmission system, starting and charging system, braking system, cooling system, lighting system, steering and suspension system, etc. Among the above mentioned systems, parts in fuel delivery system, starting and charging system and braking system are commonly replaced.

Why Maruti Suzuki reduced its engine CC

With time, Maruti Suzuki updated its cars to meet the requirement of Indian conditions. One more step towards this was to improve mileage of cars with less price by reducing the CC of the cars. For this, the manufacturer introduced two K-series engines, K-10 and K-12.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Cars

CVT Transmission Cars

In general, cars have mainly three types of transmission systems namely, manual, automatic (AT) and automatic manual transmission (AMT). But, there is another alternative for conventional automatic transmission system called continuously variable transmission (CVT) (also known as a single-speed transmission, variable pulley transmission or stepless transmission) which does not have set of gears that are usually used to transmit power from engine to the wheels.

On Road Prices of Cheapest Diesel Automatic Transmission Cars in Hyderabad

Diesel Cars

We all know changing gears in heavy traffic is so bothersome and frustrating in Hyderabad. There are more number of petrol automatic transmission cars available at affordable prices. In the case of diesel we have a limited number of affordable diesel automatic transmission cars. Here is a list of some affordable diesel AT cars in Hyderabad.