Personal transportation, a simple act of moving someone from one place to another is an essential part of comfortable living. You may seldom live, work, shop or relax at one place. On any given day, you must be able to move to various places with ease.

Here comes the necessity of personal transportation. Personal transportation modes have been integral part of the human civilization right through the history. In pre-Industrial times, humans depended on donkeys, buffaloes, mules, horses, oxen etc. Today, we are using automobiles, which are faster, more efficient, and more convenient means to travel from one place to another.

The ease of personal transportation is often viewed as a matter of luxury, but in reality its role is far more substantial. Personal transportation, in fact is much more than the act of transporting an individual. Transportation also involves movement of goods. Many of us often overlook the importance of transportation of goods. The importance of personal transportation is underrated. However, try lugging two bags from super market to home without using a vehicle. It would be a very painful experience even if it is a short walk. Auto will not come for short distance. It is very difficult to wait for hours for public transport. Still, it would be long from the shop to your residence.

If this is the case with a normal person, imagine the importance of personal vehicles in the households with kids, patients or elderly people (especially at odd hours). We need personal means of transport for a comfortable life. In spite of the development of good public transport facilities, personal vehicles will always play an important role. Therefore, personal vehicles such as two wheelers or four wheelers should be appreciated as they make our life easy.

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