Business Updates

Business updates in this section help businesses, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), stay informed and be up-to-date on the latest developments in Hyderabad that impact their business.

Growth of Electronics Manufacturing Industry in Hyderabad

Growth of Electronics Manufacturing Industry in Hyderabad

Despite being the youngest state in India, Telangana is turning out to be an ideal destination for many companies from the realm of electronics manufacturing. The number of companies from the electronics industry that are having operations in Hyderabad is more than 250. And, this number is projected to increase over time.  »

Engineering Jobs And Electronics Manufacturing in Hyderabad – ECIL, BEL & Others

Electronics Corporation of India Ltd (ECIL) and Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) are the two leading PSU players of the Indian electronic end products and component manufacturing sector in Hyderabad, India. »

Current trends in Indian Electronics Industry

The Indian electronics industry is growing at a rapid pace as electronics become more and more common place across a variety of gadgets in use.  There are many changing trends in the Indian electronics industry which are quite obvious. »

Pharma Manufacturing In Hyderabad

Pharma Manufacturing In Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, started to develop as a hub for the pharmaceutical sector soon after IDPL (Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd) got established. That was in the year 1961. Sixteen years later, an industrial estate was set up at Jeedimetla consisting of units supporting IDPL. »

Introduction To Digital Advertising

In today’s world where practically all kinds of businesses focus on attracting the attention of their target customers through online means, it has become more important to make use of digital advertising campaigns. However, even though practically everyone has heard this term, there are still some ambiguities in the minds of businessmen who are... »

Indian Food Processing Industry – An Overview

Indian Food Processing Industry – An Overview

The food industry in India is one of the biggest in the world and it offers excellent opportunities for investments along with great returns. Experts strongly suggest that the Indian food processing industry is destined to experience a huge growth within the next few years. This means that India is perfectly poised to contribute... »

Dedicated Co-Working Work Desk vs Co-Working Hot Desks

Dedicated co-working work desk vs co-working hot desks In the previous article we have looked at the concept of co-working space. Co-working desks bring you a mechanism to share the work space. You can also just take up only that many desks as required in that month, no need to block and pay for... »

Incubator and Accelerator Offices

The incubators and accelerators are a couple of specialized types of co-working spaces that offer additional features and specializations. Incubator offices New companies generally rent space at incubator offices. Even entrepreneurs who are presently developing business concepts can use incubator spaces to get started. As compared to co-ops, they generally have a greater degree... »

Co-Working Office Spaces: An Introduction

Off-late you may have increasingly come across the usage of the word “co-working office spaces”.  This is especially true when discussions are related to start-ups.  Since this term is new many people get confused about this types of working spaces.  There have been many situations, when people have gone to a co-working space and... »

SEBI Says – No Stamp duty to Open Demat Account

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has introduced a set of new guidelines. According to these guidelines, investors are not required to pay stamp duty for agreements on the demat account. SEBI has simplified the provisions of agreement between a depository participants and demat account holder with a new document titled ‘Rights... »