Hyderabad is a vibrant city offering many kinds of new generation careers. Hyderabad city is a home to branch-offices of many national and international companies. Also, many good companies are headquartered here. One can find many jobs in various roles ranging from entry-level to senior level in various fields.

Hyderabad is not all about IT jobs
Unfortunately, many people who are in Hyderabad get into only IT jobs. This could be for two reasons. First, there is huge ignorance – from choosing a right career to where to look for a job. Second, many of them are looking for superficial things like high starting salary, big and fancy office building, friendly working environment, etc. and are making wrong career choices. In fact, many are committing career suicides with their decisions.

Join in IT and later struggle to get a break in career of choice
Few years after joining, they are totally dissatisfied with their jobs. They realise that all the superficial things they looked for in the early stages of their career were just giving extrinsic satisfaction. By the time they realise this fact, they have already spent a few years and are no longer freshers. They also get used to high living expenses. Even if they realise what career they want, their higher pay expectations and lack of experience in the field makes it difficult to get started in the career of their choice.

Being aware is half the battle won
There are many people in Hyderabad who are still following this trend. Make no mistake, there are people who can make their own decisions correctly. They need proper guidance in choosing the right career.

If you too need career guidance, then this is the right place. We provide awareness and guidance through easy to understand and well-researched articles for your good convenience. Remember, “Being aware is half the battle won”.

United States of Ameerpet

United States of Ameerpet

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Hyderabad: The City to Start Your Career

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Does a Gloomy Future Awaits Most Engineering Graduates?

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Want to Pursue a Career in Writing? – Know the Popular Types of Writing Jobs

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Internet Marketing Jobs – New Generation Careers in Marketing

Internet Marketing Jobs – New Generation Careers in Marketing

Until last decade, traditional media like TV, radio, newspapers, magazines were popular among the marketers to advertise and promote businesses. But over the last few years, with the rapid growth of Internet usage, marketers shifted to online ad spending at the expense of traditional formats. According to new report by eMarketer, one in every... »

Boom in Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Today, the Internet has totally transformed the way people buy products and companies sell their products. From mobile phones to computers, clothes to shoes, books to electronics, people are increasingly turning to Internet to purchase products and services. This has resulted in the evolution of innovative ‘dot-com’ companies and eventually creative jobs. E-commerce popularity... »

Little Known Fact on IT as a Career – Many Reconsidering IT as a Career Option

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Career as a Dentist

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Guidance to Choose a Professional Career

Guidance to Choose a Professional Career

Choosing the right career path is one of the most important decisions a person makes in his/her life. While some make the right choice, while some don’t. People who have made the right choice have a deep understanding about the importance of choosing the right career path and also have strengths to match their... »