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Hyderabad: The City to Start Your Career

Today’s youth at the time of starting their job career prefer a city that can provide a good work life balance. They are desperate to find an environment with sound business infrastructure, enough jobs, and efficient transportation facilities. However, their…

United States of Ameerpet


In 1990’s an IT revolution started in Ameerpet. Soon training institutes started teaching programming languages here for those interested in IT careers. Soon the area became known as United States of Ameerpet – lakhs of people got low cost IT training courses and immigrated abroad especially to USA. Why is this area so successful for job oriented technology training?

Marketing Professionals are Need of the Hour in India

With the variety of products available, it is becoming difficult for people to make a proper decision. This is the time for marketers and aspiring marketing graduates to see the big picture and inculcate marketing skills which are highly essential in current market. There is a huge requirement for marketing professionals – copy writers, research analysts, graphic designers, etc.

Does a Gloomy Future Awaits Most Engineering Graduates?

Almost everyone who completes Intermediate is opting for engineering. Everyone wants to become a software engineer, as it is a shortcut to a high paying first job. But the reality is different – IT industry stopped creating enough number of jobs. In this context what would be the fate of engineering graduates in India?

Marketing Jobs vs. Sales Jobs

Many people in India think that marketing and sales both are the same. They assume that marketing jobs are similar to sales jobs and thus don’t want to get into them. Lack of awareness and getting carried away by many…

Finding Marketing Jobs in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

Unaware of the marketing jobs in Hyderabad, many MBA graduates, even those with marketing specialisation, are losing out on good career opportunities in this lucrative field. Many companies in Hyderabad and Secunderabad offer good marketing jobs for freshers. In this…

Web/Graphic Designing Offers More Stable Career than Animation

The advent of full length animation pictures has led to the popularity of animated characters, cartoons and lots more. As animation is often required by the entertainment industry, it is always in the limelight. Thus this field is attracting more…

Boom in Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Today, the Internet has totally transformed the way people buy products and companies sell their products. From mobile phones to computers, clothes to shoes, books to electronics, people are increasingly turning to Internet to purchase products and services. This has…