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Studying for exams and doing well in exams is only one dimension of preparation needed to succeed in your career. In this section, the purpose of the articles is to provide information, educate and remove the ignorance of college students who make wrong assumption that doing well in university exams leads to success in life.

What Good Dressing Sense Talks About Your Personality?

We should never underestimate the importance of having a good dressing sense, for the dress we wear conveys our personality to others. In fact, people develop the first impression about us based on the dress that we are having on…

Why Bright Students Don’t Succeed In Industry In India?

Often students have this wrong perception of looking at corporate life and by comparing it with university or college life by assuming both are the same. In an organization, it requires problem-solving skills, confidence, and a lot of self-motivation nature…

What Jobseekers Should Know About Hyderabad City

Following the footsteps of the IT industry, non-IT sector has also grown rapidly in Hyderabad. It is a good choice to move for if you are looking to grow in your career. However, moving to a completely new city can…

It’s Important for Youngsters to Review Their Thinking Assumptions and Biases to Succeed in Life

Individual’s receptivity to an idea or approach is determined by their previous experience and belief system. Knowingly or unknowingly, people get trapped in the wrong path influenced by many social movements, organizations and institutions. When people are fed by these ideas they tend to have a different approach to life.

Automation Platforms Reducing Jobs for Engineers

Author: BK Vijay Be it Microsoft or IBM, the automation process in the software business is bringing down thousands of jobs in many countries particularly in India. Engineering graduates getting hired by the big firms is also decreasing every year…

Secret For Better Way of Life : Doing Tough, Selfless work

Tough selfless work

Tough, selfless way of work looks scary at first look. Relax! It is not if you really understand the meaning. Living with selfish and difficult people is a challenge even for those persons who are by and large decent people.…

How Blue and White Collar workers differ?

Generally, white collar workers are defined as educated and salaried individuals who perform professional, administrative and managerial work in contrast to blue collar whose job require only manual or physical labor. Blue collar workers have very little or no education, may or may not be skilled and work for hourly or daily wages.

Communication vs conversation – Understanding the difference

Humans communicated before the development of language, and even today people are sharing their thoughts, feelings and opinions through various non-verbal means such as signs and symbols, body language, facial expression, eye contact, writing etc. However, communicating through verbal means using a spoken language is the effective way of expressing ideas and opinions.