The services sector is new to many people in India. All the jobs here are white collar jobs and are entrusted with handling of information, sometimes crucial. However, there is not much resources/guidance available to guide on how one should prepare for these jobs, what is not negotiable here and how one should perform in the services sector. Our academic system is so much focused on its syllabus created long ago that it has no place for things like these. This is the reason why many studies conducted on Indian students find them unemployable or why we regularly hear news on white collar crime by Indian employees.

Through insightful articles in this section, our goal is to Prepare readers for a job in the services sector.

Finding a Job in Hyderabad – Tips for Fresh Graduates

Though many fresh graduates come to Hyderabad in search of jobs, very few are able to get the right job they are looking for. Reason? Many don’t know how to find a job in Hyderabad. Instead of approaching it in a right way, they often get carried away by the hype and fake stories... »

How to Make Smooth Transition from Being a Student to a Professional

Going through a transitional phase from a student to a professional is significant in one's life. New responsibilities, corporate culture, new people you would be working and befriending - would certainly make you lose your nerve. However, following a well-planned strategy and having a positive outlook, this transition can be an exciting and enjoyable... »

Resolving a Conflict at Workplace: Tips for Freshers

By: B. K. Vijay Conflicts regularly happen at workplace. The frequency of such conflicts is more among the freshers. Workplace conflicts need not be big, but careers are made or broken by how the new employee handles the small conflicts at work. They should be able to handle such situations in a proper way... »

Formal Business Attire – Why Employers Insist for Job Interviews?

Formal Business Attire – Why Employers Insist for Job Interviews?

Dressing shows human attitude and behavior. It shows whether the person is capable of right conduct or not. Dressing should match the situation/occasion. For example we can’t wear jeans or skirts on our wedding; sandals in a temple. Similarly, we can’t wear the dress that doesn’t suit the business environment. Professional organizations expect their... »

Performance in Your Job is Essential for Success in Your Career and Without Performance There May be No Career Growth or Stability

Today there are more opportunities available in Hyderabad than ever before. Now it is really up to you to take control of your professional future and ensure career success. In order to reach your full potential, you need to know the basic requirement for your career growth. You cannot go blindfolded in some direction... »

Should Employers Give Training for Skills that had to be Learnt in School/College?

Today many new pass-out graduates expect on-the-job training when they join a company. Should employers train such employees. If so, what are the colleges doing? It is the responsibility of these colleges to impart skills to their students so that they are fit to meet the challenges at workplace. »

Hardworking Nature is the Foundation for Success and Happiness in Life

Always being busy doing some work, not shying away from difficult work, and being diligent i.e. being thorough in following good standards are things that make up strong work ethics. Solid work ethics are the driving force and without which the person can go wayward. However, prolonged exposure to some situations like European colonies,... »

Role of Soft Skills in a Person’s Career

Soft skills represent a fundamental attribute that today’s knowledge based economy is demanding of its employers, employees and businesses. Soft skills give the opportunity to enhance organizational skills and leadership skills to improve team results. If you are perceived to be difficult and unfriendly, of what value are your hard skills when nobody is... »

Reputation and Solidness of a Company Should be Determined by Assessing Few Key Attributes

You may suffer if you look only for big companies for employment. You need to assess solidness of the company to grow in your career. Few attributes to consider are... »

Automation Platforms Reducing Jobs for Engineers

Author: BK Vijay Be it Microsoft or IBM, the automation process in the software business is bringing down thousands of jobs in many countries particularly in India. Engineering graduates getting hired by the big firms is also decreasing every year as most of them are implementing automation platforms to cut costs on productivity, infrastructure... »