The services sector is new to many people in India. All the jobs here are white collar jobs and are entrusted with handling of information, sometimes crucial. However, there is not much resources/guidance available to guide on how one should prepare for these jobs, what is not negotiable here and how one should perform in the services sector. Our academic system is so much focused on its syllabus created long ago that it has no place for things like these. This is the reason why many studies conducted on Indian students find them unemployable or why we regularly hear news on white collar crime by Indian employees.

Through insightful articles in this section, our goal is to Prepare readers for a job in the services sector.

Secret For Better Way of Life : Doing Tough, Selfless work

Secret For Better Way of Life : Doing Tough, Selfless work

Tough, selfless way of work looks scary at first look. Relax! It is not if you really understand the meaning. Living with selfish and difficult people is a challenge even for those persons who are by and large decent people. In modern times some people find emptiness in their life because they treat their... »

How Blue and White Collar workers differ?

How Blue and White Collar workers differ?

Generally, white collar workers are defined as educated and salaried individuals who perform professional, administrative and managerial work in contrast to blue collar whose job require only manual or physical labor. Blue collar workers have very little or no education, may or may not be skilled and work for hourly or daily wages. »

Communication vs conversation – Understanding the difference

Communication vs conversation – Understanding the difference

Humans communicated before the development of language, and even today people are sharing their thoughts, feelings and opinions through various non-verbal means such as signs and symbols, body language, facial expression, eye contact, writing etc. However, communicating through verbal means using a spoken language is the effective way of expressing ideas and opinions. »

Want to Succeed in Career – Get Out of Cinema Logic

Many people come to me to seek advice on building their career and one thing I want to tell our young graduates and budding professionals bluntly is “get out of your cinema logic to succeed in your career” because, success is not what you think and it doesn't depend on popularity as of in... »

Teens Trying to be Cool, Fail in Their Life: Study

Teens Trying to be Cool, Fail in Their Life: Study

Are you a cool guy? Do you think being cool will help you in any way? If you think yes, then this article is for you. A decade long research clearly states that teens at the age of 13 having a cool attitude are likely to face problems in their 20s. To know more... »

Personality Development Techniques That Reduce Stress in Working People

To enhance one's personality is called personality development. It plays a crucial role in relieving stress. Through personality development, a person learns to handle stress easily. This article provides information about the ways to overcome stress at work place. »

Achievement Seeking People Vs High Pay Seeking People

When it comes to a job, there are broadly two kinds of people - achievement seeking and high pay seeking. The first set of people believe in achieving excellence through dedication and perseverance, whereas the second set focuses more on earning money at the cost of their job satisfaction and respect. Which category do... »

Finding a Job in Hyderabad – Stay Away from Ameerpet

Are you a job seeker, looking for a job in Hyderabad? Stay away from Ameerpet. This advice may look non-standard but it’s good for your career. There are chances you getting carried away by Ameerpet logic and get disconnected with the real job market. 30-50 institutes in one area and a few hundreds of... »

Commitment, Not Talent is What You Need to Succeed in Life

Many people believe that having talent is enough to succeed in life/career. Which is not entirely true, more than talent it is commitment that will help you grow and succeed in your career. Talent can easily get any job that they wish, but it is only commitment that will help you to move in... »

Want to Succeed in Job – Have More Commitment

Many people (almost all) show enthusiasm at the time of interview, they say many good things about being committed towards work, but after joining the company, they do not exhibit the right commitment. The real commitment should not be limited to a day, a month, or a year; it should stay with you forever when... »