Studying for exams and doing well in exams is only one dimension of preparation needed to succeed in your career. In this section, the purpose of the articles is to provide information, educate and remove the ignorance of college students who make wrong assumption that doing well in university exams leads to success in life.


The services sector is new to many people in India. All the jobs here are white collar jobs and are entrusted with handling of information, sometimes crucial. However, there is not much resources/guidance available to guide on how one should prepare for these jobs, what is not negotiable here and how one should perform in the services sector. Our academic system is so much focused on its syllabus created long ago that it has no place for things like these. This is the reason why many studies conducted on Indian students find them unemployable or why we regularly hear news on white collar crime by Indian employees.

Through insightful articles in this section, our goal is to Prepare readers for a job in the services sector.

Finding a Job in Hyderabad – Tips for Fresh Graduates

Though many fresh graduates come to Hyderabad in search of jobs, very few are able to get the right job they are looking for. Reason? Many don’t know how to find a job in Hyderabad. Instead of approaching it in a right way, they often get carried away by the hype and fake stories... »

Finding a Job in Hyderabad – Important Considerations

Here, we will discuss on some of the important things you need to consider to get a decent job in Hyderabad. Your goal is to find a decent job where you should learn to work rather than work to earn. Avoid expectations of quick results; don’t expect the job to be like the ones... »

Resolving a Conflict at Workplace: Tips for Freshers

By: B. K. Vijay Conflicts regularly happen at workplace. The frequency of such conflicts is more among the freshers. Workplace conflicts need not be big, but careers are made or broken by how the new employee handles the small conflicts at work. They should be able to handle such situations in a proper way... »

Tips for Freshers to Build Skills to Get Employable

Today there are many graduates with degrees, but many of them are struggling to get or retain a job. They think they their degree is enough to get them a job. But employers are looking for more than a degree. It’s time for fresh graduates to think about it and build skills to get... »

How to Make Smooth Transition from Being a Student to a Professional

Going through a transitional phase from a student to a professional is significant in one's life. New responsibilities, corporate culture, new people you would be working and befriending - would certainly make you lose your nerve. However, following a well-planned strategy and having a positive outlook, this transition can be an exciting and enjoyable... »

Finding a Job in Hyderabad: 10 Tips to Get a Decent Job in Hyderabad

Finding a Job in Hyderabad: 10 Tips to Get a Decent Job in Hyderabad

Are you looking for a decent job in Hyderabad? But don't know how to get started and prepare yourself to find the right job. Read this article that will help and guide you to search for a job that is not only decent, but gives you job satisfaction. »

Reputation and Solidness of a Company Should be Determined by Assessing Few Key Attributes

You may suffer if you look only for big companies for employment. You need to assess solidness of the company to grow in your career. Few attributes to consider are... »

Conglomerates that Have Failed – Career Planning Lessons – Big Companies Not Best Places to Start or Grow Your Career

Some big companies have different product lines; they succeed in one segment & fail in many. Joining a failed section in such big companies can ruin your career.... »

Big Companies that Have Failed – Career Planning Lessons – Big Companies Not Best Places to Start or Grow Your Career

Do you think joining big company is better than joining smaller one. Think again. There are many non-performing, big companies that have failed. Here’s the list... »

Growth is Dependent on Learning

Many people believe that they need to stop learning or their learning is complete once they join a job. There is nothing more false than this view point. When it comes to learning, there are two types of learning to grow in career »

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