White-Collar Crime

As the name goes, ‘White Collar Frauds’ typically involve persons who typically have college degrees as against the illiterate/ uneducated thieves and criminals. Throughout the history, white collar frauds have inflicted severe injuries on entire society than normal crimes and destroyed lives of many people. As the saying goes, “Crime Never Pays”, the final destination of any kind of white collar crimes like embezzlement, insider trading, cyber crime, identity theft, misappropriation of funds etc is behind the bars. The reality is white collar fraud is a one way street. In this section, you can learn about the negative consequences of getting involved in white collar crimes than regular crime since the chances of getting caught are high and evidence is easily collected on cyber crimes. There is a wrong perception that there are few or no negative consequences in committing white collar crimes. In fact, its negative impact is a lot more disastrous and one can get his career ruined.

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