National Issues

In this section, we update National issues that permeate at all levels and pose positive or negative impact on the lives of Educated Middle Class.

Indian Republic Day Celebrations 2016

Indian Republic Day Celebrations 2016

We all know, this year India will be celebrating 67th Republic day on Tuesday, January 26th, 2016. It is a common practice that the preparations start one month before in New Delhi, and the full dress official rehearsal will take place few days prior to the actual event. The Republic day celebrations of 2016... »

Competition Commission of India (CCI) Penalizes 14 Auto Makers

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) recently imposed a penalty of Rs. 2,454.65 crore on 14 car manufacturers for violation trade norms in spare parts and after services market (the Competition law). According to the inputs from the industry, it’s a major order imposed by CCI on the automobile sector in India. In this... »

Highlights of Interim Budget 2014 (Vote-on-Account) – What it Means for the Educated Middle Class

Union government presented an Interim Budget. The budget is a vote-on-account because the government seeks to Lok Sabha’s sanction (voting) to spend for immediate expenditures until a full budget is presented. Once the norms in the budget are in force, educated middle class people can get things at cheaper prices than before. Following are... »

DTH or Digital Cable TV Set Top Box – What Should I Choose?

DTH or Digital Cable TV Set Top Box – What Should I Choose?

Government has made it mandatory to get set-top-boxes (STB) to avail cable TV services. Besides STB, we have one more option – Dish TV. Find a comparison between dish TV and digital cable TV to choose the right one for your home. »

Why You Need a Set-Top Box?

The government has made it mandatory to use Set-Top Boxes to get cable TV. Many areas in Hyderabad are not getting cable TV services. You may wonder why the government is forcing us to buy STBs. This article helps you know why. »

Beware of Fake E-mails in the Name of RBI

Beware if you get an e-mail from the India’s central bank, asking you to give details of your bank account to secure with the RBI, it is most likely to be fake. RBI says it is not sending any e-mails to online banking customers to give their account details nor has it developed any... »

Mobile Money Order Service Begins from June

Mobile Money Order (MO) Service will be launched in the state from June by postal department. This service will make it easy for people to send money. One can transfer money from one location to another, through the Mobile Money Order Service by using the BSNLs mobile network. When the sender deposits cash at... »

India Resetting – Status and Influence May Not Protect You

We are seeing many influential people who misused their powers getting caught and punished in the last few years. Neither their status nor their influence is protecting them. Right from businessmen to big ministers, everybody is vulnerable and likely to get punished. While their success and riches may have been made easily, these people... »

Supreme Court Verdict: Students to be Blamed for Opting Unrecognized Institutions

Supreme Court has passed a judicious verdict, when a Madhya Pradesh based institute pleaded the court to grant recognition sympathizing the situation of its students. SC in its statement has clearly stated that, there is no point of sympathizing with the students and granting recognition for the institute, as it is the responsibility of... »

Global Urban Population Likely to Rise to 6.3 Billion by 2050

Concerns have been expressed at the Convention of Biological Diversity that global urban population is likely to rise to 6.3 billion close to double the population in 2010, which stood at 3.5 billion. This brings in challenges in respect of managing biological diversity. Urban area is likely to triple between 2000 and 2030 and... »