Today, it is a well-known fact that many news channels/newspapers are projecting news for their own benefits and vested agendas. Many are simply doing their own propaganda or publicity for their masters (i.e., businesses houses or political parties). Vast majority of educated are not interested in such news. However, in the inside pages hidden somewhere is some information that is useful. We strive to find those pieces from various sources and put them here at one location. In this section, you will find informative articles that will help you to increase awareness, take objective decisions for life situations and to know the current issues in Hyderabad City as well as at National level.

Osmania University Centenary Celebrations begins on April 26th

Osmania University Centenary Celebrations begins on April 26th

Reputed as seventh oldest institution of higher learning in all of India, Osmania University has decades of achievements since its establishment in 1918. The university catered education to students in various streams and has significantly contributed to the academic and economic development of the region. The OU university alumni includes many famous personalities from... »

Hyderabad – A favorable outsourcing destination for International companies

Author: BK Vijay Hyderabad, the capital of new Indian state,Telangana, holds one of the top positions in the list of world’s best outsourcing destinations. Right now the city of Hyderabad is competing with Bangalore as more and more overseas firms are finding this place more convenient and effective to outsource their projects in product... »

National animal – Royal Bengal Tiger

Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera Tigris, Linnaeus) was chosen as the National Animal Of India in April 1973, as a part of ‘Project Tiger’ which was initiated to protect tigers from becoming extinct. Prior to this Lion was the National Animal of India but as tiger was becoming a missing animal from India’s wildlife wealth... »

National Bird – Peacock

Peacock (Pavo cristatus) commonly called as Indian peafowl was announced as the National Bird of India in 1963, because of its strong association with Indian tradition and culture. Peacock also known as Mayura in Sanskrit, is given this prestigious status not only for its beauty and grace but also for religious and legendary involvement... »

National Flower – Lotus

Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), the national flower of India occupies a unique position in Hindu religion and Indian mythology. Lotus stands as a symbol for purity, wealth and achievement. This unique aquatic plant grows in shallow dirty waters with broad floating leaves bearing bright fragrant flowers on the top. Even though the flower is grown... »

National tree – Banyan

The Banyan (Ficus bengalensis) which was declared as the National Tree of India, has very big structure, with wide expanding branches and deep roots that symbolizes country’s unity. Because of its ever-expanding feature and longevity, the tree represents eternal life. Apart from immense medicinal values, Banyan is associated with many Indian myths and rituals.... »

National fruit – Mango

Mango (Mangifera Indica) which is also called as the ‘King of fruits’ is regarded as the National Fruit because of its taste and distinction. There are also many legends and myths that are associated with mangoes in Indian history. For instance, it was said that the great Mughal king, Akbar had planted more than... »

National River – Ganga

Ganga also called as river Ganges was declared as the National River on November 4th 2008 by the Government of India. From ancient times, the river Ganga has great spiritual significance and Hindus consider it as the sacred place to do religious rituals. It is the longest river in India that runs from Himalayas... »

National Aquatic animal – River Dolphin

Gangetic dolphin (Platanista gangetica) also called as Susu has been declared the National Aquatic Animal as an initiative to save these oldest creatures from becoming extinct. Mostly they are found in pure and fresh water resources and in India we can find them in rivers like Ganga, Meghna and Brahmaputra. These rare species of... »

Automobiles becoming major contributors for air pollution in Hyderabad City

Air pollution has become a major concern in many big cities and Hyderabad is no exception for that. Generally, industries, automobiles, burning of wood and crop lands are the major contributors of air pollution. In Hyderabad city, the impact of industries and burning of crop lands on air pollution is limited, as most of... »