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In this section, you can find some functional information that will make your living in Hyderabad easy and reduce a few mundane anxieties. The information provided here will help you take functional decisions, save your precious time, and get acquainted with facilities available in Hyderabad city to enable better quality of living.

This section covers useful information like Hyderabad radio stations, bus services, mmts services, complaints, e-seva services, finding the best hyderabad map, shopping centers, etc. We hope this information will serve your needs.

Quick Guide - Links to Main Info@Hyd Pages

Find here the links to various service providers, Govt. agencies, services, dealerships, maps and other useful info related to living in Hyderabad City... »

Major Bus Routes of APSRTC in Twin Cities

You would not worry much about these bus routes if you own a vehicle and are sure that you will never get into major means of transportation in Hyderabad. The information below will be very useful not only for people new to Hyderabad but also for the Hyderabadis who are new to traveling by... »

Best Shopping Centers in Hyderabad – Know 'Where to Get What' in the City

What makes Hyderabad a one-stop shopping destination is its wholesale markets. Each market in the city specializes in selling one type of goods – assuring best quality, wide variety and cheaper prices. Confused on how to shop in Hyderabad, then check out this quick buyers guide on 'where to get what' in the city... »

Understanding Hyderabad City: Differences Between MCH, GHMC, HUDA, and HMDA

Hyderabad – the capital city of Andhra Pradesh is one of the fastest growing cosmopolitan metropolitan cities in India. Considering area of the city, it is disproportionately larger than any urban centre in the state. However, it is difficult for the common man to say who takes care of Hyderabad city. Any way, if.. »

GHMC – Zones, Circles and Wards

GHMC divided Hyderabad into five zones. Zones are divided into 18 circles and these circles are divided into 150 wards. Here you can get information on each zone, circle, ward and the population of each ward. »

e-Seva Services in Hyderabad

Once, small tasks like payment of utility bills were very laborious. People used to spend lot of time and effort waiting in long queues and running around various departments. eSeva is a brilliant idea that offers a variety of citizen-utility services at one place. eseva provides many services including payments of bills, issue of... »

Types of Air Conditioners (ACs)

Types of Air Conditioners (ACs)

Many people of Hyderabad have purchased air conditioners before the arrival of summer. A few of us are still unable to decide on which type of air conditioner to choose. Well, this article is for those who are planning to buy an air conditioner this summer. When buying an air conditioner for the house... »

List of Sub-Urban Bus Routes in Hyderabad

APSRTC runs buses in suburban areas around the Hyderabad city. Below is the list of sub-urban bus routes in Hyderabad: Bus Number From To Via 251AG Afzalgunj Shamshabad Bahadurpura – Sivarampally – Gaganpahad 252 Afzalgunj Cherlapally Mallapur – Tarnaka – Koti Women’s College 448 Afzalgunj Maheshwaram Bahadurpura – Zoo park – Gaganpahad – Shamshabad... »

Cool Your House by Applying Coolant on the Rooftop

Cool Your House by Applying Coolant on the Rooftop

Summer in Hyderabad is becoming unbearably hot. Single storey buildings and apartment flats on the top floors have already started giving the feel of hot furnace. Since they take sun’s heat directly, they are hotter than the flats in the lower floors and you can feel the heat even in the evening till late... »

Plants to Grow this Summer – Xerophytes and Semi-Arids

Plants to Grow this Summer – Xerophytes and Semi-Arids

Summer in Hyderabad is typically hot with temperature soaring above 40°C. During this season, plants dry out quickly as they can’t sustain the heat. They need frequent watering and care, otherwise they won’t be able to survive. If you are looking for plants that can sustain summer heat and can survive with little water,... »

Health Tips to Beat Hyderabad Summer Heat

Summer is here and we at Hyderabad are already feeling the heat. We need to take some extra care this season to stay away from some of the common problems associated with summer such as sunburn, sunstroke, heat exhaustion, allergic reactions, fungal infection and dehydration. To avoid these things and to stay safe, you... »

How to Protect Garden Plants this Summer?

How to Protect Garden Plants this Summer?

Summer has arrived and with it comes different chores, and one such is protecting your home garden plants from summer heat. With rise in temperature, it becomes very hard for the plants to survive. Just like how we take extra precautions to stay cool and protected during summers, plants also need some special care.... »

Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bills While Using AC this Summer

In summer, many people turn on their air conditioners (ACs) to beat the heat. But, when they see their electricity bill, they start sweating. It is because air conditioners consume a lot of energy when compared to other electric appliances. Typically, a 1.5 ton AC consumes energy equivalent to that consumed by 55 tube... »

Split AC Vs. Window AC

Are you planning to buy an AC and like many others, are you confused on what to choose – a Split AC or a Window AC? Well, then, don’t worry, this article will help you make an informed decision. This article covers most of the things that you want to know about Split AC... »

Air Cooler Vs Air Conditioner

Summer is here and people are looking for ways to beat the heat. One thing that puts many people in dilemma is whether to go for an air cooler or an air conditioner. Here’s a helpful guide to compare air coolers with air conditioners. It will help you make a better purchase. »

Beat Hyderabad Heat – Summer Special Articles

Beat Hyderabad Heat – Summer Special Articles

With summer almost here, people in Hyderabad are actively looking for ways to beat the heat. Hyderabad summers are extremely hot and dry; temperature exceeds 40°C. In this section, we have covered various topics related to summer, like on air coolers, ACs, sun stroke, taking care of health, etc. to help you stay safe... »